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How To Break Gum Weapons In Ninjala?

You can weaken your opponent by a great degree when you break Gum Weapons in Ninjala. How to do it? What are Gum Break attacks? Read all about it in this guide.

Ninjala’s concept of using wacky melee weapons to attack your opponents and getting the highest score in the end is great. With Gum-based attacks, players can knock out their foes and even get Ippons. In this guide, we will explain how to break Gum Weapons in Ninjala, so you know how to counter the attacks from your opponents.

Break Gum Weapons in Ninjala


Gum Break attacks will basically help you against your foes’ Gum Guards and S-Bursts. We’ll show you how to break Gum Weapons in Ninjala, but it’s crucial to know what these terms mean in order to know how to destroy weapons. So, let’s see what Gum Guards and S-Bursts are first.

Gum Guard is what lets you defend yourself against normal, back as well as wide attacks from other players. While you have blown the Gum Guard bubble, you will be able to block the attacks, but the bubble will get smaller. Eventually, it will burst when your opponent keeps attacking. If your Gum Guard is ready and your opponent uses Gum Break attack, the bubble will burst instantly and you will get bound by the gum. This is called Gum Bind in the game.

Now, let’s take a look at what S-Bursts are. When you are attacked, you can use some S-Energy to make S-Burst happen. This will take up a minimum of 5 units of S-Energy. With S-Burst, you can block and then go into a Parry situation.


Remember that if your opponent uses a Gum Break Attack on the S-Burst, this will break their weapon. Simply put, a Gum Break Attack on an opponent’s S-Burst will help you destroy the Gum Weapon of your opponent. Without the Gum Weapon, the player will be put in a risky position in the battle, so they have to be very alert.

Here’s a video showing how to break Gum Weapon in Ninjala:


So, this is everything about how to break Gum Weapons in Ninjala. For more tips and tricks, check out our Ninjala guides right away.