How To Craft Weapons In Ninjala?

Here's how to craft weapons in Ninjala using gum. Get bigger weapons and defeat opponents easily. Read this guide to know the details!

Ninjala is all about some intense melee based combat and the right use of bubble gum. The Ninjas in this game like to keep things fun and wacky and that’s what makes Ninjala stand out. Of course, weapons are one of the most important things in this game and Ninjala gives you the ability to craft them. Let’s take a look at the weapon types and how to craft weapons in Ninjala.

How to Get Big Weapons in Ninjala

There are different classes of gum weapons including Katana blades, Hammer and Yo-yo. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. The yo-yo is good for attacking from a distance and to get some sneaky movements, the Katana is ideal for mobility and rushing power and the Hammer is most effective for countering special moves.

To craft weapons in Ninjala, you have to blow bubbles with Ninja-Gum. Keep an eye on your S-Energy (Shinobi Energy) gauge because if it is at level 8 or even higher, you can craft big weapons. With them, you will get an advantage in the game because they provide high damage. That’s not all – you will get higher scores and this will also let you use their secondary ability. This is crucial because getting the highest scores is your ultimate goal in Ninjala.

Another great thing about big weapons is that if you have one in a Parry situation, you can easily defeat your opponent. Take a look at our guide on how to Parry in Ninjala for more in-depth information on the Parry system.

Remember that destroying drones will enhance your S-energy gauge. More S-energy will make your gum grow stronger which will in turn enable you to craft bigger weapons, as we mentioned before. This shows that defeating the Drones is very essential, so make sure to do that at any chance you get.

To blow a gum bubble you will need to press the ZL button. After that, when you press the A button, you will be able to craft a weapon. Note that gum weapons aren’t unbreakable, so if your weapon breaks, you need to craft another one.

This is basically everything on how to craft weapons in Ninjala. Keep reading our other Ninjala guides to stay ahead of others.