What Is The Gumball Machine In Ninjala And How Does It Work?

Want to know how does the Gumball Machine in Ninjala work? How to get items from this machine? Read all about it in our guide.

This brand new arena brawler has brought a lot of interesting new features to the game. There’s the Parry system which works something like rock paper scissors, there’s the ninja sense that tells you about your opponents and then there’s the Gumball Machine in Ninjala. How does it work? What do players get from this Gumball Machine? Find out in this guide.

Ninjala: Gumball Machine

From the Gumball Machine in Ninjala, you can get Ninja-Gum as well as Special Items. The items you get from it will be random. You have to spend Jala or Gold Medals to get an opportunity to use the Gumball Machine. Not sure what Jala is? Then, check out our article where we have explained what is Jala and where to spend it. It will help you understand this in-game currency better.

Note that the items you get from the Gumball Machine will not affect your performance in the fights. It is a purely cosmetic change which is great. Players can choose how their weapon and character looks with the help of these items and there’s a huge variety of options available.


Also remember that the Ninja-Gum you obtain from this machine will be used up (it’s a consumable) after you chew it, so the developers recommend to save them to use in battles.

Now, you already know about Ninja-Gum and how it helps you to craft weapons and perform Ninjutsu, but what are the Special Items? Well, they are limited-edition avatar costumes that you will get only from this method. If you have already received this item, then the Gumball Machine will only give you Ninja-Gum.


Once you pay 100 Jala, an animation of a Gumball Machine will play and then you will see what you have obtained. If you have a Gold Medal, you can choose to use that instead and save up your Jala for something else.

So, this is everything about the Gumball Machine in Ninjala. Go ahead and check out our articles on how to invite friends and what is Ippon in Ninjala right away.