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Ninjala Weapon Classes Guide – Three Types of Weapons

Among the three weapons classes Katana, Hammer and Yo-yo we discuss on which is the best to go for. What are their pros and cons?

Ninjala has various types of weapons, they all fall under a specific class. There are three classes in the game and here is some details on each class. What are the different Ninjala Weapon Classes and why it matters to choose the right one? Each Ninja Gum unlocks a unique weapon in the Ninjala and it does belong to one of the three classes. Knowing all three will help you to choose the best weapon in Ninjala.

Ninjala Weapon Classes


Katanas, Hammers, and Yo-Yo’s are three weapon classes in Ninjala. Depending on the class the weapons attack style changes, here are more details on each class.


The sword class of Ninjala has a small handle and an extended baton area. Ideal for melee combat the weapons in this class will help you to swing attacks on the opponents. Following the sword’s characteristics, Katana Class of Ninjala allows players to be strong in melee combat. You can attack and escape fast, and this class decent all-around weapons. Ideal for beginners as wells for the pros.



Hammer has a longer handle and small a strike zone. Sword on the other side gives you a bigger swing range, Hammer Class comes with some limitation. All weapons in Hammer class are two-handed weapons, they are the best if you want high damage. But the attack speed is slow, so this where you be extra careful in the battle zone. More powerful and can cause higher damage than Katana class but at a cost of speed.



Want more range then go with Yo-yos. Weapons with high range compared to both Katana and Hammer class. They are circular weapons attached to a chain, you can furl them towards the opponents and benefit from extra range. Weapons in this class let you attack from a distance, so here if you want to play defensive then Yo-Yo’s are the best one to go for.

You can also craft weapons in Ninjala, refer the link to know more about the same. Also among the three classes for melee combat, the Katana fits well in the category. Hammer is best when you need high damage and Yo-Yo’s is all about range.