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V Rising: Map And Locations Guide

Feel like traveling the Gothic world of Vardoran? Check out our guide that explains all the locations on the map in V Rising.

V Rising revolves around a weakened vampire as he reclaims his place among the elites. As you traverse the world of Vardoran, you will explore its massive and extensive open world. While you can fast travel, it is pretty important to get the viewpoint of the entire map to understand it better. It would also help in knowing the locations for farming resources, threats, and minerals. So, here’s our guide that explains all the locations on the map in V Rising.


All Locations in the Map V Rising

The entire map of Vardoran is geographically divided into five major locations. These locations that spread out the map are as follows:

  • Dunley Farmlands
  • Farbane Woods
  • Silverlight Hills
  • Hallowed Mountains
  • Cursed Forest


While all of these above areas have their perks and cons, let’s discuss them in more detail.

Dunley Farmlands

This is a region that features high-level V bosses, Elite enemies, and Undead Commanders. You can loot one of the Undead Commanders to get the General’s Soul Reaper weapon. Although Dunley Farmlands can be slightly problematic for low-level Vampires, it can yield great resources and crafting materials. There are also several chests, containers, and Gold chests scattered around the area. In addition to that, you will also find a limitless supply of Iron ore in this area.


Farbane Woods

While you start with this region, it is a perfect region to gather valuable items and resources. You can find several veins of Copper Ore and fishing spots in Farbane Woods. You will encounter your first V boss, Alpha Wolf, in this region. There are also several V bosses like Rufus, the Foreman, and Keely, the Frost Archer wandering around in this area.

v rising locations map guide


As you defeat them, you can unlock the vampire powers, abilities, structures, and crafting recipes. Upon exploring this area, you will find most of its region shaded with trees. So, you don’t have to worry much about the Sunlight exposure. You will find an icy region to the east of this location.

Silverlight Hills

As the name suggests, you can find plenty of Silver and Sulphur Ores in the region of Silverlight Hill. There are higher chances of finding luxury resources in the chests scattered around this region. You can also encounter several endgame V bosses in this region. Some of the V bosses you will encounter are Azariel the Sunbringer, Solarus the Immaculate, Mairwyn the Elementalist, and Morian the Stormwing Matriarch. We suggest not exploring this area unless your gear level is above 65.

Check out our guide on all the boss locations by levels and where to find them for a better insight.

Cursed Forest

For the players looking to unlock overpowered vampire powers and abilities, you can find several higher-level V bosses here. In addition to that, you will encounter numerous elite enemies. There are also several veins of different Gems Stones. You can also find a Waygate and Cave Passage to fast travel. Ghost Crystals, Pristine Hide, and Ghost Shrooms are some of the valuable resources you can find over here.

Hallowed Mountains

The region and area around this location are about to be developed. But it will mostly feature several elite enemies, V bosses, and creatures wandering. You can expect this to happen when the game leaves the early access phase.

We will update this section with more information as soon as this location is developed.

That’s everything covered on all the locations on the map in V Rising. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on which game mode to select, how to get and craft Imperial thread, and how to get and use Soul Shards in V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.