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V Rising: How to Beat Mairwyn The Elementalist

Fighting Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising but unable to defeat her? Check out this guide to learn how to beat her.

When you reach Silverlight Hills in V Rising you should challenge and beat Mairwyn the Elementalist. She is a V Blood that drops the power Crystal Lance and also the recipe for Imperial Thread. But other than the drops even her fight is quite interesting. So in this guide let us check how to defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising.

How to Beat Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising


v rising how to defeat mairwyn the elementalist
Image Credit: Touby__ on YouTube

You can defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist in this game by attacking her until her health reaches 0. She is trickier than the previous bosses and has different elemental attacks up her sleeves. Her level is 64 so it is recommended you also level up your character to level 64 or above. Below are all of her moves and their counters:

  • Fireball launcher: She throws a weapon at the player that keeps spinning in a place after reaching its distance. This weapon continuously launches fireballs in four directions while rotating. There are two ways to dodge it. You can either keep moving with the gap of one of the four directions. Alternatively, you could also stay in your place and dodge the fireballs by moving between two fireballs.
  • Ice Arrows: Mairwyn will shoot ice arrows at you. When the first one hits you will see the borders of your screen have a freezing effect and your character will slow down. If the second arrow hits you then your character will freeze. You can easily dodge them by moving around.
  • Electric balls: She does an action that charges electricity, then you get attacked by 4 or 5 electric balls from different directions. They are quite medium-paced, so you can dodge them if you are on the move.
  • Energy blast: She will do an energy blast that unleashes from where she is standing and expands on all sides for a limited range. This move is pretty easy to dodge as all you have to do is get out of its range. You can also see she is about to attack when she screams to charge up this move.
  • Clone ability: This ability can be a bit annoying cause she clones herself and you have to fight two of them. You can counter her by eliminating her clone first. It is easily recognizable as it takes more damage than the real Mairwyn. Eliminate the clone first so you can focus on fighting her.
  • Large fireball: In the later part of her fight Mairwyn will produce a large fireball and freeze herself. During her frozen state she will not take damage to her health, but instead, take damage to the freeze timer and shield. She also won’t attack, instead her fireball attacks. So the best way to counter is to ignore her until she unfreezes and focus on dodging the mini projectiles launched by her large fireball.


Once you learn her moves and attack her in the window between she launches her next attack you should have no trouble eliminating her.

That sums up this guide on how to defeat Mairwyn the Elementalist in V Rising. In case you missed fighting any previous bosses then you should check our guides on how to beat Quincey the Bandit King, and Beatrice the Tailor.