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V Rising: How to Find & Beat Beatrice The Tailor

Looking to hunt Beatrice The Tailor in V Rising? Check out how you can find and defeat her.

You can easily beat Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising if you know where to find her. She is quite a cunning V Blood, as unlike most V Bloods her fight strategy is a bit different. Hence, if you aren’t of proper level she can be a bit of a trouble to deal with. So in this guide let us check how you can find the location of Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising and defeat her.

How to Beat Beatrice The Tailor in V Rising


beatrice location in v rising and how to defeat her
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You can beat Beatrice The Tailor in this game by attacking her until her health reaches zero. The fight in itself will be very easy if you focus on her.

  1. Beatrice doesn’t directly attack the player, but she will run around a lot. The problem is the area is infested with enemies. Hence when she runs around the enemies and lures you there, they will target you.
  2. So to defeat her you have two choices:
    • Ignore the enemies:
      1. This method is faster as you chase her around and keep damaging her. This also prevents her from spawning new enemies. Be sure to have armor with good defense so you can take any hits the enemies might throw at you.
    • Eliminate the enemies first:
      1. The second way to beat her is to clear the area first.
      2. Once you reach Dawnbreak village start taking out as many enemies as possible before starting the fight with her. When you are sure you will be able to handle her then go ahead and start the fight.
    • Out of the above two methods, the first one is suggested, especially if you want to eliminate her faster.
  3. Lastly, the recommended level for her is 38. So level up your character to at least level 38. A few levels higher would be even better.


After eliminating her she drops the recipe for cloth and making cotton yarn, along with an ability and two structures.

How to Find Beatrice The Tailor

In order to find the location of Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising, you require a Blood Altar.


  1. You can get the Blueprint for the Blood Altar by completing the “Getting Ready for the Hunt” quest. You need the following materials to build it:
    • Blood Essence x10
    • Stone x180
    • Your gear level should also be at level 15.
  2. After you build a Blood Altar, interact with it.
  3. Next, scroll down and press Track Blood for Beatrice the Tailor.
  4. Start following the trails of Blood to get to her location.
  5. You can find her in the southeast part of the Dunley Farmlands. Her location should mostly be near Dawnbreak Village.

That covers this guide on how to find and beat Beatrice the Tailor in V Rising. Since you like playing this game you might find our guides interesting on how to get stone dust, how to make glass, and how to get copper ingots.