V Rising Game Modes Explained: Which Mode To Select?

Check out our guide on which game mode to select in V Rising.

V Rising revolves around a weakened vampire as he survives to reclaim his place in the world of Varodran. It has been heavily praised for its role-playing combat and crafting system. One of the best things about this survival vampire videogame is its variety of game modes. As you begin the game, you get several options to select from. But which one to select? Here’s our guide on which game mode to select in V Rising.

Which Game Mode to Select in V Rising

Once you begin with the game, there are three ways to play. They are as follows:

  • Online Play
  • Private Game
  • Host Dedicated server

You can either go for Online Play, Private game, or Host a dedicated server. Speaking of the latter, you need to rent a server or create one to play it. For a Private game, you can host a server to invite your vampire friends or other players to join you.

Upon selecting the Online Play, you get different modes to play. Mentioned below are all the game modes for Online Play:

  • PvE Mode
  • PvP Mode
  • Full Loot PvP
  • Duo PvP

Let’s look into these game modes in more detail.

PvE Mode

For this mode, you can invite some of your friends to face the creatures and enemies around the world. You can invite up to three of your friends or other players to eliminate different V bosses and enemies. While you cannot fight your teammates, eliminating the different enemies and bosses can be quite fun.

v rising select pve game mode

PvP Mode

This mode brings all the players into the world of Vardoran. In the PvP mode, you can make a clan with allies to fight against enemies. You can invite two or three players to make a clan. While you raid the castles of vampires, you need to defend the Castle during such raids. If you cannot survive a raid, the players can collect the valuable loot inside your castle. If you are confused about making or joining a clan, check out our guide on how to add friends to a clan.

v rising pvp mode

Full Loot PvP

While the PvP mode allows players to collect valuable items as they lose a raid, the Full loot PvP is about collecting all the loot. The main aspect of this mode is the ticking timer. You need to raid a castle before the timer ends. During a raid, you also need to defend your castle. If you are thinking of going solo, we suggest increasing your gear level or joining a clan. Upon losing to another player, you lose all of the collected loot. Before that happens, you can attack the opponents within the timer to get their loot.

v rising game mode select

Duo PvP

Similar to Full loot, this mode allows you to raid a castle within a time frame. While Full loot allows a clan of four players, you can invite one friend for this mode. Although you can go solo, opt for a Duo mode for an increased chance to collect the loot. It is all about teamwork to eliminate other opponents before the timer ends.

v rising duo pvp

We enjoyed grinding on PvE mode which allows crafting, farming materials, and destroying V Bosses. Although, you can select any of these game modes that suit you.

We leave the rest to you, a fellow Vampire that has the potential to become the next Dracula.

That’s all on which game mode to select in V Rising. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to change dedicated private server settings, how to fix stuttering and FPS drops, and the best graphics settings to boost performance in V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.