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How To Raid Castle In V Rising (Base Raiding Guide)

Follow these tips, tricks and strategies to raid another player's base in V Rising's PvP battles.

PvP battles and sieges can be fun, chaotic and highly damaging if you don’t know what are you about to face. If you are planning on raiding a base and looting items, here’s a guide on how to raid a Castle in V Rising so that you go in with a good strategy.


How to Raid a Base in V Rising (Tips & Tricks for Raiding)

Here’s everything players should know before they go raiding in V Rising PvP Mode.

  • To successfully raid a castle/base of another player, you need to have a Siege Golem. It’s a huge monster that will swing its arms, stomp its foot and break walls, stone structures and also cause AoE damage.
  • To damage wooden structures, you need to use Bombs and Explosives. This will speed up the process of rendering the structure vulnerable and provide less time to the raided players to plan their next move.
  • Don’t forget to carefully scan the area around the castle and create a strategy for your arrival/entry beforehand.
  • Know about the server settings related to map location and notification of the Siege Golem Stone.


How to Make a Siege Golem Stone in V Rising

siege golem stone v rising

  • To summon a Siege Golem to do the hard work, you require a Siege Golem Stone.
  • Players can unlock the recipe for the Siege Golem Stone by beating the Level 48 boss named Terah the Geomancer.
  • You can find her in Church of the Damned (Dunley Farmlands) region.


terah the geomancer location

Here are the materials you need to craft the Siege Golem Stone:


Once you have these, you can build one and place it near the castle you wish to raid. Then interact with it to summon the Siege Golem which can be controlled by one player.

Things to Keep in Mind while using a Siege Golem

how to raid castle base v rising

  • Players must place the siege stone in an uncontested location. It takes 150s for the stone to activate.
  • When activated, you can interact with it to change into a Siege Golem for up to 300s allowing you to break into stone structures.
  • You can absorb a set amount of damage before the form breaks, the amount of damage you can absorb scales based on the health of the Siege Stone.
  • The location where you place the Siege Golem Stone will be marked for the entire server, so you might face attacks from other players. They will try to destroy the stone, plus, it will alert nearby castles and allow them to prepare their defenses.
  • The players who are not controlling the Golem can take on the other players blocking their attempt to raid.
  • Other players will also see a “A Siege Golem is Being Summoned!” message, so be ready. But this depends on the server settings. It may or may not be announced or visible to the other players so be sure to check that on your server.

What to Do in a Raid?

  • Unlock chests and collect resources and rare items.
  • Get Soul Shards.
  • Destroy the Castle Heart or take over them.
  • Destroy the coffins.
  • Kill the servants there who will try to protect the base.

That was all about raiding and tips and tricks on how to raid a castle/base in V Rising. Now that you know how to go on the offensive, you should also be prepared to defend your base when others try to attack you. Here are some strategies to keep in mind to protect your fortress in the game.