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V Rising – How To Move Castle Heart

Check out our guide on how to move Castle Heart in V Rising.

As you wake up from the deep vampiric slumber in V Rising, your entire journey comprises of rebuilding everything from the scratch. While you can shelter yourself in the shadows, you need to build a Castle as your base of operations. Once you have constructed the castle, you will need to build a Castle Heart at its center. As the name suggests, it is what keeps the castle running and prevents it from decaying. If the heart is destroyed, the castle falls. Thus, it is pretty important to place it at a secure location. So, here’s our guide on how to move Castle Heart in V Rising.

How to Move Castle Heart in V Rising


Follow these steps to move the Castle Heart:

  • Hit the B button to open the Build mode. Click on the Castle Heart to navigate it to a suitable location.
  • To build a Castle Heart, you need 30 Blood Essence and over 240 Stones. Hit the left mouse button to build the structure.
  • As you place the Castle in the middle, surround it with Border tiles.
  • You need to make sure to place the tiles onto plain Dirt tiles with no barriers.
  • If you are prevented to expand the castle with an error that it is “blocked by a border or road environment“, you need to remove them.

    move castle heart v rising
    Image Source – Game Guides Channel on YouTube.
  • You can clear out the Borders and different barriers by using the Dismantle option. Hit the spacebar button to clear out all the barriers in that space.
  • Once it is all clear, place the Castle Heart and surround it with the Borders to expand. You need 2 Blood Essence and 20 Stones to make a Border tile.
  • As you cannot move the location of the Castle after its completely constructed, make sure to find a suitable location. We suggest placing the Castle away from settlements and main roads.
  • Upon interacting with the Castle Heart, insert the Blood Essence to get it functioning.
  • You can upgrade it using 12 Copper Ingot and 12 Leather.

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