V Rising: How To Make Leather

Need leather in V Rising? You should learn how to make it.

While playing V Rising you will need to make leather to upgrade the Castle Heart. Crafting leather in this game is quite straightforward and doesn’t require many resources. Although, you do need two things to get started with it. After that, getting it should be a breeze. So in this guide let us quickly check how to make leather in V Rising and all materials need for it.

How to Make Leather in V Rising

v rising how to make leather
Image Credit: Realm Space Gaming on YouTube

You can craft leather in V Rising using Animal hide and Tannery. Having a tannery is a must as without it you can’t craft leather. For making leather you need:

  • Tannery x1 (Doesn’t get consumed but is the workbench where you make it)
  • Animal Hide X16

Here is how you can make leather:

  1. Go to the Tannery and interact with it.
  2. Here, you can convert your Animal hide into leather.

How to Get a Tannery in V Rising

In case, you don’t have a tannery here is how you can get it.

  1. Start by going to the Blood Altar.
  2. Here, click on Keely the Frost Archer, then press space or on the Track Blood button on the right to start tracking her.
  3. The recommended level for challenging her is 20. So make sure you are anywhere at level 20 or above before you challenge her.
  4. Once you start tracking her you will get trails of blood occasionally on your screen leading you to her.
  5. These disappear quite quickly and reappear after some seconds. Follow the trail and you will eventually find her.
  6. When you get to Keely fight and eliminate her then drink her blood to extract the V blood from her.
  7. This will give you the recipe to build a Tannery. You also get an ice ability for beating her.
  8. Finally, go back to your base and build a Tannery. Building it requires:
    • Plank x8
    • Animal Hide x160

That covers this guide on how to make Leather in V Rising. If this guide was helpful to you then be sure to check out our other Video Game guides to get help with other games. And for other things gaming be sure to check out Gamer Tweak.