V Rising Get Servants: How To Charm & Convert Humans

Complete Servants guide to know how to charm, control, convert humans & summon or use them for hunts or defending your castle.

As a Vampire, you have multiple powers and one of those is to take control of humans. Players can charm a human and get servants in V Rising because why should only vampires do all the work? Here’s how to use the Servant coffin so that you can use servants to collect materials or protect your castle from raiders. Also find out how to summon, resurrect and terminate them.

How to Charm & Convert a Human to Servant in V Rising?

Here are the things you need to control a human in V Rising and convert them into your servant:

  • Servant Coffin
  • Dominating Presence
  • Kiss of the Vampire
  • Blood Essence

Let’s take a look at the process in more detail.

How to Build & Get a Servant Coffin in V Rising?

  • In order to build the Servant Coffin, you need to get the blueprint first. It can be found under Production > Dominance.
  • The materials you require to craft it are 16 Planks, 8 Copper Ingots and 1 Greater Blood Essence.

How to use Dominating Presence and Kiss of the Vampire

how to charm control humans v rising

  • As soon as you build the Servant Coffin, you can get access to Dominating Presence.
  • Turn on Dominating Presence from the Magic slot. You can get to it by pressing and holding the Control key and using the cursor to select it.
  • Now bring down the health of an enemy to 30% or below.
  • Once you do that, use your magic spell called Kiss of the Vampire by pressing the button associate with it – R.
  • This will charm a human target, putting them under your control. You can confirm this if they have a pink-purple orb floating above their head. Note that you can only use it on human targets and you cannot charm named enemies.
  • Bring the human back to your base safely because others can attack it.
  • Approach your Servant coffin, click on it.
  • When you bring in a charmed human for the first time, you have to click on Convert and wait 1.5 hours (real world) to convert it. This will cost you Blood Essence.
  • After that’s done, you can name the servant and see their Power, Expertise level and abilities/perks.
  • While you can expect to see them die fighting for you, you can lower the chances of early death by equipping weapons and armor for their protection. Focus on their Power and Gear Level and give them equipment that will increase the numbers so that they can help you better.
  • Every NPC you find can give you a different benefit so you can capture, resurrect or terminate based on your requirement.

How to Resurrect, Summon, Terminate Servants?

summon terminate resurrect servants v rising

  • Players can resurrect their dead servant for a cost of Blood Essence. If you already have the amount, click on the Resurrect button.
  • If you’d like to kill the servant to free up the coffin, you can hit Terminate.
  • You can also summon the servant to the coffin by clicking on the Summon button.
  • There can only be one coffin for one servant, so if you are planning on multiple servants, you need multiple coffins.
  • Players can decide to eliminate weak servants if they end up finding new mobs which are better to defend the castle or go on hunts.

How to Send a Servant on Missions in V Rising?

  • If you’d like to send your servant on a mission, open up the map and select the region.
  • A window will appear where you should see a “Click to Add” option with a + sign.
  • Next, from the Servants window, select the servant you want to send and click on Select.
  • If the servant level doesn’t match with the required level, there will be a low or zero % chance of success. But if it does, then select the hunt duration and click on Let the Hunt Begin.

That’s all about servants in V Rising. If you’d like to know some console commands for V Rising, we’ve got you covered. Here are our other guides with hidden tips and tricks that the game doesn’t tell you about.