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V Rising – How To Build Sawmill & Make Planks

Looking for Planks? Check out our guide on how to build Sawmill to craft Planks in V Rising.

As you begin with the world of Vardoran in V Rising, you play as a weak Vampire that has woken up from his deep slumber. While as a vampire you don’t need food to stay alive, you do need some materials and items to build several resources. Planks are one of the most important materials as they can be used to craft dozens of other resources. But there are some prerequisites before you get to it. Most importantly, you need to build a Sawmill workshop to make Planks. So, here’s our guide on how to build Sawmill and make planks in V Rising.

How to Build Sawmill And Make Planks in V Rising


  • You need 20 Lumber to craft one plank in a Sawmill Workshop.
  • You can get lumber by chopping-off different trees. We suggest using an Axe rather than a Sword or a Mace to get the most out of the Lumber.
  • To build a Sawmill workshop, you need a powered Castle and the following items:
    • 400 Lumber
    • 80 Stones
  • Once you have all these items, head back to the castle to place the Sawmill workshop.
  • If your castle isn’t powered, you can place the Blood Essence to power it up. Check out our guide on how to get Greater Blood Essence and Blood Essence.
  • After you have built the workshop, place 20 Lumber into the input section to get one Plank and Sawdust.
v rising planks build sawmill
Image Source – Rodwenn on YouTube.
  • It takes over 20 seconds to make a Plank. So, make sure to stack the Lumbers to craft more Planks.
  • With these Planks, you can craft several weapons, valuable materials, and Reinforced Planks.


V Rising Reinforced Plank

  • You need to unlock the recipe to craft them before you get into crafting it.
  • For that, you need to defeat Vincent, the Frostbringer at level 40.
  • As you reach level 40, you can track him down at the Blood Altar to encounter him.
  • Once you have defeated him, you will get the recipe to craft Reinforced Plank.
  • Then, place 4 Iron Ingot and 4 Planks in the input section to make one Reinforced Plank.
  • You can use this plank as a craftable material to make several Merciless weapons, iron, and golden castle keys.

That’s all on how to build Sawmill and make planks in V Rising. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to make glass, how to make leather, and how to get whetstone in V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.