V Rising Defend Castle: How To Protect Base During Raids

Here are some tips, tricks and strategies to help you defend your castle, protect your base & valuable loot during Raids in PvP servers.

While you know how to raid a base in V Rising, what if you end up on the other side on your PvP server? There are a few things you need to keep in mind to ensure that you defend your castle when you’re being raided in V Rising. Let’s take a look at the best tips to protect your base.

How to Protect your Castle/Base During Raids in V Rising

how to protect base v rising

Here’s everything you must do before getting into PvP mode and opening your castle up to being raided.

Choose the Right Base Location

Before deciding on a location to set up your base in the game, carefully look at all the options you have got. Here’s our guide on the best base locations that can help you out. Every location will have its pros and cons. Some might give you easy access to rarer resources while some will have a convenient and strategic place to build your castle.

If you are playing on a PvP server that is mercilessly competitive, it’s very important to first look at all the spots and choose the best possible one to build your castle. Players who choose a great spot will face some intense competition from others and you will need to defend it often. If you choose one that’s mostly ignored by players due to the lack of resources, you won’t be a target as much as others will be.

Keep an Eye on the Notifications

Based on the settings on the server, this might change. But if the option to see where the Siege Golem Stone is placed on the map is available, start acting immediately. This will also send a notification to everyone on the server, so call for backup and destroy the stone before the Golem spawns. You can also ask other players to take down the Golem before it reaches your castle.

Choose the Best Servants To Defend your Castle

Servants are “converted” humans who will be under your control. They can be sent on missions outside or they can defend your castle. Keep in mind that not every servant is as useful as the other. There are some that are the best for different reasons.

If you’d like to bring in servants for defending your castle, choose the Warrior Blood type. Adding to them, you can also have Brute servants to back you up. Focus on their Faction and Expertise to know how they can be most beneficial to your vampire.

Put Up Multiple Walls and Doors

If you are further ahead in the game and can manage to make a confusing maze made up of walls and doors, you should do it. The raiders will send a Siege Golem to break down your structures. But the Golem is only available for a limited time. If you waste their time with a deliberately confusing entrance with multiple doors, they might give up or the Golem might simply perish. Another trick to have a “throwaway” castle before your actual castle that’s packed with rare resources, so that you have more time to plan out your next move.

Here’s a confusing and effective structure made by Youtuber Serroh, check out this video:

Add Decoy Chests

Apart from a whole decoy castle, you can also have decoy chests placed in rooms that the players can try to loot. This will waste the invader’s time and the only thing they can get from them are basic items they didn’t need.

Protect your Rare Items

Ensure you have kept your precious items in a room that cannot be accessed by the Siege Golem breaking one wall. Make it tougher for the raider to get to and place servants to block their way.

No two raids will be the same, but hopefully, these tips, tricks and strategies will help you protect and defend your castle/base better in V Rising.

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