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V Rising Best Base Locations

Wondering where you can find a lot of Silver or Quartz? You should check some of these best base locations in V Rising.

In V Rising you can speed up the process of collecting resources if you know the best base locations. These are ideal areas that are surrounded by various spots of valuable resources. These materials might not feel very useful by themselves but can come in handy when you craft different items from them. So in this guide let us check the best base locations in V Rising.

Best Base Locations in V Rising


v rising best base locations

Below are some of the best locations to set your base in this game that has useful resources near them. Check the images for each area and you can set up your base anywhere you find suitable within or near the marked red circle.
Thanks to Map Genie for their interactive map. You can get various information on different bosses, items, creatures, and more.

Farbane Woods


farbane woods best base locations

Farbane Woods is the starting area of the game and as such has some excellent Copper ore and Fishing spots.

  • Spot 1:
    • The western side of Farbane Woods has excellent fishing spots and areas where you can mine Copper Ores.
  • Spot 2:
    • The second-best area to set up your base in this region is northeast of Farbane Woods. This area is quite close to the Hallowed mountains, and it too has areas where you can fish or mine Copper.


Dunley Farmlands

dunley farmlands

Dunley Farmlands is the next area where you start getting better and more valuable resources in the game.


  • Spot 1:
    • In the region to the west of Dunley Farmlands, you can find Veins to mine Quartz, Copper, and Iron.
  • Spot 2:
    • The second-best region to set up your base is on the southwestern side of Dunley Farmlands. The best part is there is a huge iron ore vein to its east.

Cursed Forest

cursed forest

There is only one spot in Cursed Forest if you are looking for valuable resources. And that spot is to the east of the region.

Silverlight Hills – Best Base Location in V Rising

silverlight hills

Just like Cursed Forest, there are not many spots where you can build your base if you need resources. But the best spot here is the area that is north at Silverlight Hills, it is closest to the Silver Ore Veins. And silver is one of the most valuable resources that you can get in this game.

That covers this guide on the best base locations in V Rising where you can find useful resources. If you want to learn more about them then you might find our guides useful on how to get iron, how to get copper, and how to make paper in this game.