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Lost Ark Fix Stuttering & FPS Drop On PC (Best Methods)

These are some things you can try to fix stutter in Lost Ark on PC.

Having a high ping and low FPS can be frustrating in an online game. Adding to the list of annoying occurrences is stuttering and FPS drop in Lost Ark. If you are searching for some ways to minimize and eliminate stutters and boost FPS in this game, here are the best ways to do so.

Lost Ark Stuttering and FPS Drop Fix (PC)


lost ark pc stutters

These are some of the troubleshooting tips that may work for you if you are getting stutters in Lost Ark.

Lower the Graphics Quality and Display Settings


If your texture, shadow, character, and particle quality are set to high, it may be the reason why you are getting stuttering issues. Lower it and test the game to see if you are able to play it without problems on your PC. If your PC is low-end, then it is recommended that you disable the Better Depth of Field and Indirect Shadows. Do check the Anti-Aliasing settings and find out which setting suits you best and avoids stuttering.

Update the Graphics Card Drivers

If your graphics card driver is out of date then you need to head over to the official manufacturer’s website and download it from there. You can also uninstall it completely and do a fresh install in case the files had an installation issue. Moreover, don’t forget to edit the settings of the GPU driver to ensure the best performance.


Keep DirectX Updated to fix Stuttering in Lost Ark

You can download the latest version of DirectX from Microsoft here. This will help you figure out if compatibility or corrupted files were the root of the stuttering problem or not.

Close Other Background Apps


This one goes without saying, but make sure you have closed other background programs or applications. Give priority to Lost Ark while playing and you should, ideally, get a better FPS in your gameplay and seamless visual experience. If the Google Chrome browser is running, it will eat up a lot of RAM so end the task from the Task Manager and see if the game works better. Do check if your PC supports the recommended system requirements and has enough RAM (at least 16GB) to run smoothly.

lost ark pc lag stutter

Check for Overheating

Is your PC getting overheated? This can cause lag and stutters effectively ruining your gaming experience. In case you are using an underpowered CPU or GPU and you don’t have a cooling system that’s working on resolving the heating issues, your game will keep stuttering. Plus, there’s a risk of your PC components getting damaged.

Toggle VSync or FreeSync

Sometimes, VSync could create issues related to frame rates, so you can turn it on or off via the NVidia Control Panel.

  • Type NVIDIA control panel in Windows search bar.
  • Click on Manage 3D settings.
  • Find the Global Setting tab and Vertical Sync.
  • Use the dropdown menu and toggle VSync on or off.

AMD users can use FreeSync to reduce and remove stuttering in-game but you will need a FreeSync monitor for it.

These were some of the ways to eliminate stuttering in Lost Ark, hopefully, one of the other methods works out for you. If not, check if upgrading your processor or any other component will help you enjoy the game and avoid the interruptions caused by stutters.

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