V Rising Ghost Shrooms Farming Location

Wondering how to farm Ghost Shrooms in V Rising? We have you covered.

V Rising hosts a number of items, resources and materials. Some you can craft and some you have to farm. As a weakened Vampire who woke up from a deep slumber, these resources are of huge importance to progress further in the game. There are a lot of consumables in the game which when ingested gives you different abilities and uses. Ghost Shrooms is one such consumable. So let’s check out how to farm Ghost Shroom in V Rising.

Where to Farm Ghost Shroom in V Rising (Location)

Get Ghost Shroom V Rising Location Guide

There are a lot of potions and consumables in V Rising that give you certain powers. Ghost Shrooms are available in abundance in the Cursed Forest. When consumed they might make you feel a little spaced out but will give you certain special abilities.

Cursed Forest is home to a lot of enemies hiding in the dark and it also has a lot of resources. Ghost Shrooms can be farmed in different regions like Nest of the Curse Weaver, Witch Hunt, Ancient Village or surrounding regions. The in-game map displays possible location if you hover over the Cursed Forest.

V Rising Cursed Forest Location

Once you go to these locations you will have to look for these mushrooms growing on the forest floor. They seem like they are transparent in nature. Once you interact with them and hit them they will show up in your inventory. You can stack up on them and consume whenever you like to get some special abilities which will be temporary.

Defeating a few enemies, notably Witches might help you in getting some Ghost Shrooms if you are lucky. So if you find a Witch in the area then go ahead and attack.

That’s all there is to know for you to farm Ghost Shroom in V Rising. While you are here, check out other guides, tips and tricks on V Rising with Gamer Tweak.