V Rising Fast Travel & Teleport: Waygate & Cave Passage

Check out our guide on how to use Waygates and Cave passages to fast travel or teleport in V Rising.

As you progress through the world of Vardoran, you will travel to several locations to hunt down V Bosses. While you can use the horse to traverse, the radiating sun can burn the undead to death in no time. So, to avoid the sun, you can use the fast travel mechanic to reach there in an instance. There are two types of methods for fast travel. So, here’s our guide on how to fast travel or teleport using Waygate and Cave passage in V Rising.

How to Use Waygate & Cave Passage to Fast Travel or Teleport in V Rising

As mentioned, there are two methods for Fast travel. You can either use the Waygates or Cave passages to fast travel. While both of these methods have pros and cons, they teleport you to another location in an instance. So, let’s start with the Waygates first.

How to Use Waygate in V Rising

You can use the different Waygates to fast travel from one Waygate to another in an instance. There are over 10 Vampire Waygates scattered throughout the map. Although these waygates teleport you instantly, you cannot carry any resources or materials except weapons and armor. So, make sure that your inventory is empty.  While there are no prerequisites to use these Waygates, you need to discover them first. You can use the Waygates more conveniently by placing your Castle Heart near their location.

Here is the Waygate map indicating their exact location to fast travel in V Rising:

v rising fast travel teleport cave passage waygate
Image Source – mapgenie.io
  • In addition to using the waygates, you can also craft one. For that, you need to get a blueprint to craft the Waygates. You need to defeat Polora, the Feywalker at level 34.
  • After you defeat Polora, you will receive the blueprint that allows you to craft Waygates. Then, you need to gather some materials to craft one. They are as follows:

While the enemies cannot use the crafted Waygates, you can use them to escape your enemies. Want to find out a method to carry all your resources? Scroll till the end to find out.

V Rising Teleport with Resources

Cave passages are another method that allows you to fast travel. It allows you to carry all the loot and resources while using it. But there are only Four Cave passages to use. You can use these passages to travel to a specific location and return to that location again.

Mentioned below is the map indicating all the Cave Passages and the locations they teleport you:

v rising fast travel teleport cave passage map location

You need to interact with the red-glowing crack within a cliff at the location to fast travel. As these passages are located in a bit hard-to-reach places, you might need to transform them into another form to use them. Check out our guide on how to use Cave passages for more insight.

That’s everything on how to use Waygate and Cave passage to fast travel or teleport in V Rising. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides on how to make and use a Blood altar, how to get resistance against Holy radiation, and how to build the roof in V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.