How To Build Roof In V Rising

If you want to build a roof on your castle in V Rising then check out this guide.

Doesn’t the pesky sunlight just get on your nerves at some point in the game? We know it doesn’t kill instantly but the constant moving from shadow to shadow since there is no roof on your Castle really starts to sound exhausting. So let’s check out this guide on how to build a roof on your Castle in V Rising.

How to Build Roof in V Rising

V Rising Build Roof

Building a roof creates a lot of advantage for players including an escape from sunlight and structural improvement of their Castle. There is also a quest that you complete when you build a Castle.

To build a roof in V Rising you will need to have a few resources to get the materials necessary.

Wall Types in V Rising

  • Once you have the necessary items, go to Castle > Walls.
  • Place the Reinforced Wall along the boundaries of your Castle.
  • You will need x10 Stone Bricks and x6 Planks.
  • Now place the Reinforced Entrance. It uses the same amount of materials as the wall.
  • All you need to finish now is the flooring of your Castle.

Floor V Rising

Structurally improving your Castle walls helps fend off most enemy attacks. Now that the roof is built, you have a place to avoid that harmful sunlight. Since you are rebuilding your Castle why not build stairs too? Stairs are useful for aesthetics so check out the guide to learn how to build stairs.

That’s all on how to build a roof in V Rising, you can also check more guides, tips and tricks for V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.

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