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V Rising: How To Get Every Form (Bat, Bear, Rat, Toad, Wolf)

Here's our guide on Vampire powers and how to get every form in V Rising.

While being technically dead in V Rising, you should not be harmed by anything, right? False! As a vampire, you can get damage through a Sun, holy power, garlic, and more. Although transforming does not negate the damage, it can help you escape faster. One of the forms includes transforming into a toad, to jump at greater heights. Aside from the transformations, you can also unlock some classic Vampire powers. So, here’s our guide on the Vampire powers and how to get every form in V Rising.


How to Get Every Form (Vampire Powers) in V Rising

As you progress through, there are 10 Vampire powers that you can unlock. While six of these powers are transformational, the other four are buffed Vampiric abilities.

v rising vampire powers every form


Mentioned below are all the Vampire powers and how to unlock them:

How to get Bat Form in V Rising

You can unlock the Bat form by defeating Nightmarshal Styx, the Sunderer at level 76. As you unlock him at the Blood Altar when you reach level 76, you can track him down at the Cursed Forest to defeat him. Once defeated, you can transform into a bat to fly away through small spaces and terrains.


How to get Bear Form in V Rising

Bear Form is one of the most valuable forms out of all. You can unlock this form by defeating the Ferocious Bear at level 36. You transform into a bear for many buffs and perks that it offers. These include increasing your movement speed by 15% and reducing the damage-dealing by 25%. In addition to that, the Health regeneration and Healing also increase upon transforming into a Bear.

How to get Human Form in V Rising


While you may think it makes zero sense to get a Human form being a vampire, it can be pretty helpful to interact with traders. You need to defeat Beatrice, the Tailor at level 38, and extract her blood to unlock the Human Form.

How to get Rat Form in V Rising

To unlock the Rat form, you need to defeat the Putrid Rat boss. But before you defeat this boss, you need to summon this boss. You can do this by gathering some items and placing them on the Vermin Nest workbench. You need the following items to summon this boss:

  • Twilight Snapper
  • 4 Fish Bone
  • 8 Grave Dust

Once the Putrid Rat is summoned, you can defeat and extract its V blood to unlock the Rat form.

How to get Toad Form in V Rising

You can unlock this form by defeating the Duke of Balaton at level 62. The Duke is a giant toad located at the Swamp of Greed in the Cursed Forest.

How to get Wolf Form in V Rising

You can unlock this form by defeating Alpha Wolf at level 16. While the Wolf form increases your movement speed by 45%, the effect will wear off if you are inflicted by any kind of damage.

How to get Blood Hunger in V Rising

Even though it is not a form, this Vampire power can detect the blood type and quality of all the nearby targets. You can unlock this power by defeating Tristan, the Vampire hunter.

How to get Blood Mend in V Rising

It is a Vampire power that is available from the beginning. You can use this power to recover 4% of your health using 0.2 blood per second.

How to get Dominating Presence in V Rising

While you cannot use this vampire power while casting spells, Dominating Presence allows you to charm the nearby targets. But to unlock this power, you need to craft a Servant’s coffin. You need the following items to craft it:

  • 16 Planks
  • 8 Copper Ingot
  • 1 Greater Blood Essence

Once you have crafted the Servant’s coffin structure, you will gain this Vampiric power. You can use this power to control the servants and other humans.

How to get Expose Vein in V Rising

Who says vampires don’t have a heart? You can use this power to lower guard and allow other vampires to take your blood.

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