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V Rising: How To Beat Putrid Rat

Stuck fighting Putrid Rat but can't beat it in V Rising? Check out this guide to learn its moves to defeat it.

You can beat the Putrid Rat in V Rising quite easily once you learn its moves. The game had the players confused with its location. But finding it is only half the procedure. Once you have it spawned you can fight it to get its power Rat Form. So in this guide let us learn how to defeat it Putrid Rat and all its moves.

How to Beat Putrid Rat in V Rising


v rising how to defeat putrid rat
Image Credit: wak4863 on YouTube

You can defeat Putrid Rat in V Rising by attacking it until it runs out of health. It basically does 4 moves and its attacks are quite simple. Once you learn their timing, you can easily dodge & counter them. Before we get into this fight you should also know its level is 30. So if you do want to challenge it then make sure your character is also of level 30 or above. Below are all the moves it uses in this fight.

Putrid Rat Moves


  • Bite: This attack is quite easy to dodge, Putrid Rat will stop in its tracks for a few seconds then lunge and try to bite the player. You can dodge it by getting away from it once it starts preparing its lunge.
  • Multiple bites: This move is very similar to the above move. And that is Putrid Rat will try to bite the player. Unlike before, this time it will have a red aura around it, and try to bite the player at least 4 to 5 times before stopping. You can dodge this attack by getting away from it until all its bites are done.
  • Dig: This is probably its most annoying move. Putrid Rat will dig and go underground. Once it goes down it will spawn multiple rats above that will have small health. You should try to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The reason for it is if you don’t eliminate them in time, you will have to fight both the Putrid Rat and its minion rats, once it crawls back up.
  • Poison attack: It will stop and collect some dust around itself, you can identify this move by a green aura followed by white particles collecting near it. Then it unleashes a poison attack at where it stands. This attack is also easy to dodge as you have to get away from it.

That covers this guide on how to defeat Putrid Rat in V Rising. For more help with other V Bloods of this game check out our guides on how to beat Mairwyn the Elementalist, Quincey the Bandit King, Jade the Vampire Hunter, and Beatrice the Tailor.