V Rising: Putrid Rat Location & Where To Find It

Unable to track Putrid Rat in V Rising? Check out this guide to learn its location and where to find it.

In V Rising, many players are facing difficulties when they try to find the location of Putrid Rat. This is a unique boss, as unlike other bosses you can’t track it using the Blood Altar. Hence, many players are confused as to if you can’t track it then where are you supposed to fight it. But the answer is quite simple you fight it by summoning it at your base. So in this guide let us check the location of Putrid Rat in V Rising and where to find it.

How to Get Putrid Rat in V Rising

v rising putrid rat location and where to find it
Image Credit: wak4863 on YouTube

You can find Putrid Rat in V Rising by summoning it at your base, it has no location but instead spawns wherever your base is at. In order to summon it you need:

  • Twilight Snapper x1
    • You can get one when you fish. Alternatively, you can also get it from random chests and loots. Try looking for these chests or loots at Silverlight Hills. I suggest you check our dedicated guide on how to get Twilight Snapper to learn more about it.
  • Fish Bone x4
    • Just like Twilight Snapper, you can get this by fishing.
  • Grave Dust x8
    • You can get this by grinding bones, or defeating enemies like skeletons, banshees, or ghouls that you can find at graveyards or cemeteries. We also have a separate guide on how to get Grave dust, you should check it if you want to know more about it.

Here is how to summon it:

  1. Once you have all the above items go and interact with the Vermin Nest.
  2. Drag and drop these items from your equipment and Vermin Nest will spawn the Rat.

Once you spawn it you can then fight and defeat it to get its Rat Form Power.

That covers everything you should know about the location of Putrid Rat in V Rising and how to find it. Don’t miss out on our other V Rising guides as they can help you with other things in this game.