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V Rising – How To Get Twilight Snapper

Check out our guide on how to get Twilight Snapper Fish in V Rising.

V Rising is a multiplayer survival game that revolves around a Vampire that has arisen from his deep slumber. As you arise a weak vampire, you need to gather resources and fight different V bosses. While you don’t need fish to stay alive, you do need them to collect some resources. These include scales, fish oil, and fish bones. Although you can find most of the fishes in treasure chests and barrels, finding Twilight Snapper can be a bit tricky due to its rarity. It is one of the valuable fishes to summon a boss. So, here’s our guide on how to get Twilight Snapper in V Rising.

How to Get Twilight Snapper in V Rising


You can get the Twilight Snapper in small water bodies scattered throughout the map. While it is a sea fish, you can find this fish in small ponds and lakes. It is a fish that can be used as one of the resources to summon Putrid Rat Boss at level 30. But before you get to pull this fish out, you need to craft yourself a Fishing rod.

v rising get twilight snapper

  • To unlock crafting a fishing rod in the first place, you need to unlock the Woodworking bench. It can be unlocked upon defeating Rufus, the Foreman at level 20.
  • Once you have reached level 30, track him down at the Blood Altar to face him.
  • After you have defeated him, drink his blood to unlock the workbench. You need 60 Animal hides and 12 Planks to build the Woodworking bench.
  • Then, you can craft the Fishing rod inside the workbench with some resources. These resources are:
  • Place these items in the input section of the Woodworking bench to craft a Fishing rod.
  • As you have a Fishing rod, travel to the Fishing spots to find the Twilight Snapper.
  • Most of the players have stated that they found this fish swimming around the Farmlands and Silverlight Hills.
  • According to a Reddit user @TevossBr, fishing in Farmlands has better results rather than in Farbane Woods.
  • Once you have found a suitable fishing spot, equip the rod and press the left mouse button to dip into the water.
  • Press the left mouse button again as you see the water splash around the hook.
  • As there is no exact location to find this fish, you might need to fish around longer to catch this fish.


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