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V Rising: Best Abilities List & How To Unlock Them

Wondering which are the best abilities that you can use in V Rising? This guide has you covered with it.

There are a ton of abilities that you can unlock in V Rising but not all of them are the best. This is understandable, as not every ability is suited for everyone and they all serve their different purposes. Some are good in the early game but aren’t of much use when it comes to the late game. So in this guide let us check the list of best abilities to use in V Rising and how to unlock them.

Best Abilities in V Rising


v rising best abilities and how to unlock them

Before we check them it is important to know these are just my recommendations of the best abilities. You can find some other abilities to be better than the ones I have mentioned below. If there is any such ability then feel free to make the most of it. These abilities also come down to your playstyle hence you might find some to be better than the others. Now let us check this list of the best abilities of each affinity.

  • Illusion Affinity: Wisp Dance
    • This ability is of the basic type. It summons 3 wisps around you that deal 25% magic damage to enemies. You can reuse the ability to use the wisps as projectiles. They weaken the target and reduce their damage output by 30% for 5s while also causing 50% magic damage to them.
  • Chaos Affinity: Merciless Charge
    • This is an Ultimate ability. Dash ahead and grab any enemy in front of you while dealing them 125% magic damage. If you end up reaching your maximum range or run into some object or another enemy then you deal 100% magic damage and stun your enemy for 1.5 seconds.
  • Frost Affinity: Veil of Frost
    • It is a Travel Ability. Dash in the direction of your input. You shield yourself with 125% of your spell power while evading enemies for 2.2 seconds. The next primary attack you do will get 25% bonus damage and create an explosion of frost attack that does 50% magic damage to any enemies nearby.
  • Blood Affinity: Crimson Beam
    • This is an Ultimate Ability. Launch an energy attack that does 150% magic damage to any enemies it hits. Every target that gets hit by this will let you heal yourself by 25% of your spell power. It also allows you to heal any allies with 100% of your spell power every second for the next 4 seconds.
  • Unholy Affinity: Ward of the Damned
    • It is a basic ability. Using this ability allows you to block any projectile and melee attack incoming from the front for the next 2 seconds, while also increasing your movement speed by 10%. Enemies that use melee attacks will get knocked back and the projectile attacks you absorb will summon skeletons.


How to Get them

Here is how to get each of these abilities.


That covers this list of the best abilities to use in V Rising and how to unlock them. You should definitely check out our V Rising guides if you need help with more of such topics.