V Rising: How To Beat Vincent The Frostbringer

Stuck at fighting Vincent the Frostbringer in V Rising? Check out this guide to learn how to defeat him.

You should beat Vincent the Frostbringer in V Rising, once you are of the right level. This is a good fight because the rewards he drops are nice. You get powers of Frost Barrier and Veil of Frost. But powers are not all, you also get the structure of Prison Cell and the recipe for Reinforced Plank. So without further ado let us check how to defeat Vincent the Frostbringer in V Rising.

How to Beat Vincent the Frostbringer in V Rising

v rising defeat vincent the frostbringer
Image Credit: Blackout Gaming on YouTube

You can defeat Vincent the Frostbringer in V Rising by chipping away his health to 0. He is a level 40 boss, so it is highly recommended you carry gear such that your character level is also at least level 40 or above. This boss typically uses these moves that you should be aware of, below are all of them and their counters:

  • Frost Arrow: Vincent will shoot 5 arrows at the player that spread out. As the name suggests these are ice arrows that will freeze you if you get hit twice. You can counter this attack by moving in the gap between two arrows. This gap is wider the further the arrows are, so try getting away from him when he uses this attack.
  • Melee attacks: He will slash his weapon around a few times to attack the player. You can get away from it to dodge it.
  • Ice Shield: He will raise a shield-like barrier made of ice to guard against any incoming attacks. You don’t necessarily have to dodge or guard it since it is his defense.
  • Frost Dash: Vincent will generate an icy aura around him and dash toward the player. You can dodge this attack by running to either side before his dash hits you. If it does hit you then you will take frost damage, which again on two hits will freeze you.
  • Triple Frost Dash: This move is exactly the same as the Frost Dash but this time he attacks you thrice. Dodging it is also the same, you have to get out of his dash path thrice.
  • Freeze Radius: Vincent will charge up the ground with ice, and freeze everything on all sides in his radius for a short distance. You can recognize this attack by the blue effect on the ground. Dodge this attack by getting out of his attack radius when you see the ground effect.

Once you learn all of the above moves and their timings you should have no problem countering them. This is also a relatively slower boss so avoiding his attacks is much easier when compared to some other bosses. Keep attacking him when he prepares his next attack or is done with one and you will defeat him.

That covers this guide on how to beat Vincent the Frostbringer in V Rising. You should also check our other boss guides on how to beat Putrid Rat, Jade the Vampire Hunter, and Mairwyn The Elementalist in this game.