V Rising Ferocious Bear Location & Solo Boss Fight Guide

Here's our guide on how to find and defeat the Ferocious Bear in V Rising.

As you explore the world of Vardoran in V Rising, you need to hunt down different blood carriers to regain your health. Although you cannot die as a vampire, waking up from the deep slumber has its effects. You will encounter several V Blood bosses that unlock several recipes, powers, and structures. While some bosses drop cool powers, Ferocious Bear drops a cooler form and powers. It grants you an ability to transform into a Bear form to wreak havoc. But before you defeat this Bear, you need to find it first. So, here’s our guide on how to find and beat the Ferocious Bear in V Rising.

V Rising Ferocious Bear Location

You can find the Ferocious Bear at the Bear Cave located to the extreme east of the Farbane Woods. As you reach there, you need to traverse to the south in the woods.

ferocious bear location v rising
Image Source – MrAtomicDuck on YouTube.

You might need to also travel extreme south to enter its entrance. You need to at least be on level 36 or above to fight this boss. While the Bear doesn’t have much of a skillset, once it is angry the Bear can unleash its wrath upon you.

Scroll further to find some tips to defeat the Ferocious Bear.

V Rising How to Beat the Ferocious Bear

  • As you fight with the Bear, it can inflict the ground slam ability that covers an area.
  • After it slams down to the ground, the bear also surrounds the area with huge rocks.
v rising beat ferocious bear
Image Source – MrAtomicDuck on YouTube.
  • These rocks can either drop upwards or downwards. So, you need to be careful of the ground slam attack.
  • Once it is enraged, the bear can damage and charge upon you faster.
  • It will orchestrate charged attacks to close the distance and damage you from a much closer range.
  • You need to switch to defense and block its upcoming attacks. You can either dodge or use a shield to negate the damage.
  • We recommend using the Crimson Aegis ability to apply a shield that blocks over 200% of the shield power.
  • For dodging his attacks, you can also use the Chaos Valley ability.
  • We suggest you switch to defense when the bear is enraged and be patient to attack.

Once you have defeated the Ferocious Bear, it will reward its Bear Form and the Fur Rugs structure. With the Bear form, you can inflict greater damage, faster attacks, and have increased health. This form can also smash the objects that are unbreakable with the normal form.

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