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V Rising Tristan The Vampire Hunter Location & Boss Fight Guide

Finding it difficult to beat Tristan the Vampire Hunter in V Rising? Check this guide for tips and tricks.

If you have been looking for the recipe of the Greater Blood Essence then you have come across the name Tristan the Vampire Hunter. The exact location of Tristan is always unknown but you can find him somewhere in the Farbane Woods, waiting to kill the next vampire. He is a brutal boss to fight and very difficult to defeat in combat. So let’s check how to beat Tristan in V Rising.

How to Defeat Tristan in V Rising (Boss Fight Tips)


Tristan Location V Rising

Tristan is a Level 46 V-Blood boss and the last one you will face in the Farbane Woods. He is the descendant of vampire hunters and is determined to wipe out every last vampire in Vardoran. He uses a combo of a sword and a crossbow and is paired with a unique skill set in battle.

Before you go into battle make sure you have an upgraded armor and weapon. Like other boss fights the use of defensive spells and carrying healings is important.


To face this boss and come out victorious you will have to be on your toes and ready. A combination of dash, long ranged magic damages and a melee weapon will help you take on Tristan. Try using a spear and the abilities Dash with Chaos Volley and Corpse Explosion and the ultimate ability Merciless Charge if you have unlocked these. You can use other abilities with similar kind of ranged attack that suits you as well.

V Rising Tristan Cheese
Image Source: Blackout Gaming (YouTube)

To beat Tristan in V Rising you will have to focus on maintaining a certain distance between the two of you. He will use a combination of crossbow and sword with fire attacks and dash at you with the sword. He also unlocks a bomb like attack after a while which causes heavy damage in a radius.


The key to winning this battle in being away from him but not too away as to catch his dash attack. You can easily avoid his crossbow and sword dash by timing your move to the left and right. If you see him using the bomb attack then dash through him. It sounds dangerous but its not so don’t be afraid to dash. The rest of the battle will be easy and you can actually beat him solo if you time your moves.

There is a cheese to beat Tristan in V Rising and that is to fight him in an area where a Stone Golem spawns. The Golem won’t kill Tristan but will certainly weaken him enough for you. Also be mindful of the time you start the battle. Prefer starting it at night to avoid major sunlight damage.

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