V Rising Cave Passage Explained: How To Use

Check out our guide on how to use Cave Passage and fast travel in V Rising.

V Rising is an open world and survival videogame that revolves around a weak vampire arising from a deep slumber. As you explore the extensive countryside, you will traverse many locations. While you can use a mount to travel these locations, we have a faster way. You can use the different cave passages to fast travel in an instance. But where are these passages and how to access them? Check out our guide on how to use Cave Passage and fast travel in V Rising.

How to Use Cave Passage in V Rising

  • You can fast travel using the Cave Passage by interacting with the crack within different cliffs.
  • You can find out these passages through the red color glowing from its cracks.
  • As you interact with the passage, you will teleport to another location in an instance.
  • While these passages can teleport onto a specific location, you can use them to fast travel long distances.
  • Unlike Waygates, the Cave passages allow you to carry loot and resources.
  • You can also use the exit of these Cave passages to return to the location you teleported from. But as these passages are located at a bit challenging places, you might have to transform into a wolf, rat, or a toad to reach there.
  • Four different Cave passages teleport you to a certain specified location.

Scroll further to find out all the locations of these Cave Passages.

V Rising Cave Passage Map

Mentioned below is the map indicating different locations of the Cave passages and where do they teleport you:

v rising cave passage map location

All you need to do is to interact with the red-glowing crack and press F to enter the passage. You can place your Castle Heart near one of these Passages to access the fast travel more conveniently.

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