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V Rising – How To Plant Seeds

Check out our guide on how to plant Seeds in V Rising.

V Rising revolves around a weak vampire as he arises from his deep slumber. As you progress through the game, you gather and craft several resources. While you are technically dead as a vampire, you can undertake gardening to farm several resources. Upon planting the seeds, these seeds eventually grow into flowers. You can use flowers as crafting material to make several resources. So, here’s our guide on how to plant seeds in V Rising.

How to Plant Seeds in V Rising


  • You can plant the seeds of different crops onto the Dirt tile within your territory.
  • As you find the seeds from the inventory, place them into your Hotbar.
  • You can either place the seeds onto a Dirt tile or the Grass border tile in your region.
  • While you can plant the seeds without the Grass border, you have to unlock it first. You need to defeat Polora, the Feywalker at level 34 to unlock it.

how to plant seeds v rising

  • Coming back to planting seeds, you will see the crop spurting out as you place the seeds. This seed will eventually grow into a flower. But where to find the different seeds?
  • You can find the seeds in different farming regions scattered throughout.
  • For example, you can find Cotton and Sunflower at the Cotton Farm. But there’s a rare chance that these crops will drop the seeds.
  • You can also get the seeds dropped by high-level enemies and bosses. Head over to the Blood Altar to track down the bosses that drop the seeds.


How to Get More Seeds V Rising

As there is a slightly less chance to get the seeds from their flowers or crops, you can buy them. You can purchase the seeds from several merchants scattered around the world in exchange for Silver coins.

Mentioned below are all the planting seeds that can be purchased from the specific Merchants:


  • Gavyn, the Shady Dealer: You can purchase the seeds of Hell’s Clarion Spores, Mourning Lily, Fire Blossom, Blood Rose, and Snow Flower for 15 Silver Coins.
  • Berk the Travelling Trader: You can purchase the Sunflower Seeds for 45 Silver Coins.
  • Ottar the Merchant: Ghost Shroom Spores and Highland Lotus Seeds for 200 Silver Coins.

If you are unable to find their locations, check out our guide on all the trader and merchant locations.

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