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V Rising: Trader And Merchant Locations & How To Trade

Looking for some merchants in V Rising? Check out this guide to learn the trader locations and how to trade.

In V Rising, you can buy certain items from traders and merchants if you know their location. There are 3 of them in this game, but the problem is some of their locations change. Not like a completely different region entirely but they move around. And there are also some other things you should know about before trading. So in this guide let us check the trader and merchant locations in V Rising and how to trade.

Trader & Merchant Locations in V Rising


v rising trader and merchant locations and how to trade

As mentioned above, There are a total of 3 merchants in V Rising whom you can trade with.

  • Gavyn the Shady Dealer
  • Berk the Travelling Trader
  • Ottar the Merchant


Thanks to Map Genie for these locations on their interactive map. Below are their locations where to find them and what items you can buy from them.

Gavyn the Shady Dealer

You can find Gavyn the Shady dealer roaming on the western side of the Farbane woods near the Bandit Copper Mine or Armory areas. They sell the following items:


  • Pilgrim’s Hat: 200 silver coins
  • Necromancer’s Mitre: 200 silver coins
  • Blood Rose Brew: 25 silver coins
  • Brew of Ferocity: 25 silver coins
  • Minor Garlic Resistance Brew: 25 silver coins
  • Minor Explosive Box: 40 silver coins
  • Miner’s Mace: 16 silver coins
  • Lumberjack’s Axes: 16 silver coins
  • Blood Rose Seed: 15 silver coins
  • Fire Blossom Seed: 15 silver coins
  • Snow Flower Seed: 15 silver coins
  • Mourning Lily Seed: 15 silver coins
  • Hell’s Clarion Spores: 15 silver coins
  • Amethyst (Crude): 8 silver coins
  • Emerald (Crude): 8 silver coins
  • Miststone (Crude): 8 silver coins
  • Ruby (Crude): 8 silver coins
  • Sapphire (Crude): 8 silver coins
  • Topaz (Crude): 8 silver coins

Berk the Travelling Trader

As the name suggests Berk is a trader who just like Gavyn is also always on the move. You can find him near Dawnbreak Village, Militia Encampment, or Farm areas on the southeastern side of Dunley Farmlands. He sells the following items:


  • Bear Head: 300 silver coins
  • Blood Rose Potion: 45 silver coins
  • Garlic Resistance Potion: 55 silver coins
  • Holy Resistance Potion: 60 silver coins
  • Sunflower Seed: 45 silver coins
  • Amethyst (Regular): 24 silver coins
  • Emerald (Regular): 24 silver coins
  • Miststone (Regular): 24 silver coins
  • Ruby (Regular): 24 silver coins
  • Sapphire (Regular): 24 silver coins
  • Topaz (Regular): 24 silver coins

Ottar the Merchant – Trader Locations in V Rising

Unlike the previous two traders, Ottar the Merchant has a fixed location. You can find him at Brighthaven Slums on the southwestern side of Silverlight Hills. They sell the following items:

  • Ashfolk Helmet: 550 silver coins
  • Mitre: 550 silver coins
  • Ghost Shroom Spores: 200 silver coins
  • Highland Lotus Seeds: 200 silver coins
  • Major Explosive Box: 110 silver coins
  • Amethyst (Flawless): 120 silver coins
  • Emerald (Flawless): 120 silver coins
  • Miststone (Flawless): 120 silver coins
  • Ruby (Flawless): 120 silver coins
  • Sapphire (Flawless): 120 silver coins
  • Topaz (Flawless): 120 silver coins

How to Trade in V Rising

You can only trade in V Rising when you are in the human form and have silver. Here is you can trade with merchants:

  1. Transform into a human before interacting with a trader. You can get the power of human form when you beat Beatrice the Tailor.
  2. You also need to take silver in order to trade. But carrying silver puts a silver sickness debuff on you, hence you lose your health over time because of it. The amount of health you lose depends on the silver you carry, so the more the silver you have on you the faster you lose health. By using a silver resistance potion you can improve your resistance to it.
  3. Approach the trader and press F to interact with them.
  4. Exchange your silver for the items you need.

That covers this guide on all trader and merchant locations in V Rising and how to trade. You should also check out our V Rising section, to learn more about this game. You can find guides on topics like how to get stone dust, how to fish, how to get blood essence, and more.