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V Rising Sleeping In Coffin: What Does Sleep Do?

Learn about the Sleep mechanics in V Rising and how it can help your Vampire survive.

Since you are a Vampire in this survival game, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to protect yourself. One such thing is sunlight and players must avoid it at all costs. Sun damage is no joke for a vampire and this is where sleeping in your coffin comes in. Here’s how Sleep helps you in V Rising.

What Does Sleep Do in V Rising?


how does sleeping work v rising

By sleeping in V Rising, players can avoid sunlight and therefore, protect themselves from sun damage. You require a coffin to take rest in and take advantage of the day night cycle. Once it’s night time, you can wake up form your slumber and venture out for your activities without fearing the harsh rays of the sun.

Keep in mind that this is not a way to pass time quickly, but only to protect you while it’s daytime. It does not refill your health as well. The only thing it does well is keeping you safe from being exposed to sunlight and also from enemy attacks. Yes, you won’t take any damage from monsters or enemy players while you are inside your coffin.


How to Get a Coffin to Sleep in?

Players can create a Wooden Coffin for starters and use it as a safe space to sleep during daytime. For an upgrade, you can also go for a Stone Coffin. These can be unlocked from the tutorial. All you have to do is interact with the Coffin and press F to Sleep.

That’s all about the sleep mechanics in V Rising and how sleeping works/helps your Vampire character. Speaking of Coffins, you will require Coffins for your Servants and we’ve detailed the process of charming humans and converting them to servants right here in this V Rising guide. Don’t miss out on the console commands that you can use in this game as well.