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V Rising: How To Make & Use A Blood Altar

Wondering what is the use of a Blood Altar in V Rising? Check out this guide to learn about it and how to create one.

In V Rising, the Blood Altar is one of the most important structures that you can build. They are used to track the different bosses in the game, also known as V Bloods. And while that is their biggest use, you can also use it to learn about these V Bloods. Hence, it also gives you information about what level the boss is and the rewards it drops when defeated. So in this guide let us check how to create and use a Blood Altar in V Rising.

How to Make a Blood Altar in V Rising


v rising how to create and use a blood altar
Image Credit: YoSoyNic on YouTube

You can make a Blood Altar in this game after completing the quest “Getting Ready for the Hunt”. It also requires you to have your gear be above level 15. Below are the steps to craft it:

  1. Go to your base or Castle and press the B key on your Keyboard.
  2. Next, go to the Production tab and head over to Dominance.
  3. Once you have the necessary requirements the game will allow you to build a Blood Altar. 


Here are the resources you need for it.

  • Blood Essence: 10
  • Stone: 180

How to Use a Blood Altar


As mentioned above, you can use a Blood Altar in this game to track the different V Bloods and the rewards they drop. The game only shows you a limited number of bosses based on the current level of your gear. Here is how you use it:

  1. Go to the Blood Altar and interact with it.
  2. Next, select a V Blood that you wish to track by clicking on the Track Blood button on the right or pressing the space key on your keyboard.

That covers this guide on how to make & use a Blood Altar in V Rising. Since you like playing this game you should give our other V Rising guides a check. Here we have plenty of guides on various boss battles, resources, locations, and more.