V Rising: Pristine Hide Location & Pristine Leather Guide

Here's where to get Pristine Hide in order to craft Pristine Leather in V Rising.

V Rising is all about hunting for resources and crafting new items to live your best life as a vampire. If you are currently planning to craft Pristine Leather, you will require Pristine Hide in V Rising and this guide will show you the best map location where you can find Pristine Hide in the game.

Where to Find Pristine Hide in V Rising

pristine hide location v rising

Players can obtain Pristine Hide by beating werewolves in Dunley Farmlands. The exact area that you can focus on going to is the south-eastern section, but they can spawn anywhere in this region really. However, they will only spawn during night time so don’t hunt for them during the day and make yourself vulnerable to sun damage. As soon as you take down a werewolf, you will obtain Pristine Hide that is a material to make Pristine Leather.

The other crafting material you need is Fish Oil. If you are short of Fish oil, players can loot it from crates that you will find while exploring villages and camps. Sometimes, you might even get it as a drop. Specifically, head to Mosswick Village which is where you can find Fish oil along with Wool thread, scroll, quartz and horse.

How to Make Pristine Leather in V Rising

Add Fish Oil and Pristine Hide in the Tannery to create Pristine Leather. In case you don’t have a Tannery yet, we’ve mentioned the steps to get it in our linked article.

That’s everything you need to know about Pristine Hide in V Rising and how to use it to craft Pristine Leather. If that helped you out, don’t forget to check out our guides on how to defend your base during raids and how to raid a castle as well. And here are our other V Rising guides with hidden tips and tricks that you might want to know about.