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V Rising Azariel The Sunbringer Location And Boss Fight Guide

Looking for Gold Ingots? Here's our guide on how to find and defeat Azariel the Sunbringer in V Rising.

As you progress through levels in V Rising, you will encounter stronger V bosses. Upon defeating these V bosses, you unlock several Vampire abilities, powers, structures, and crafting recipes. You will encounter Azariel the Sunbringer as you reach level 68. While he can be a menace during the combat, defeating him can unlock the recipe for Gold ingots. But we need to hunt him down first. So, here’s our guide on how to find and beat Azariel the Sunbringer in V Rising.

Azariel the Sunbringer Location V Rising


You can find this V boss at the Brighthaven Cathedral located in the extreme western region of the Silverlight Hills. As you unlock him at the Blood Altar on level 68, follow his blood trail to reach his location. You need to select Azariel the Sunbringer at the Blood Altar and select the Track blood option to get his blood trail.

How to Beat Azariel the Sunbringer in V Rising

  • Before we begin the fight, make sure to equip the Holy Resistance Flask. That’s because this V boss can inflict significant holy damage.
  • If you haven’t unlocked the recipe for Holy Resistance Flask, you need to defeat Wilfred the Werewolf Chief at level 64.
  • In addition to the recipe, you will also unlock the Heart Strike power. This power allows you to dash forward and strike the targeted enemies in a line.
  • You can also equip the Dark Silver or the Sanguine Crossbow for ranged attacks.
  • Make sure to use the Holy Resistance Flask before entering the Cathedral.
  • This V boss can spawn several little minions during the combat to inflict more damage. These little minions can attack you from a distance as they copy his attacks.
  • We suggest dealing with them before you get to Azariel. Though, they mostly get eliminated in the crossfire.
  • As mentioned Azrariel can inflict holy damage. So, you need to keep using the Flasks to negate the damage.
  • Speaking of the attacks, he can inflict several lightning pillars that scatter around and cover the area. He can also throw a Holy cloud of destruction from a range.
  • If hit without consuming the Holy resistance flask, it can inflict great damage.
  • You can dodge these attacks and use ranged attacks to cause him damage.
  • In addition to that, he can spawn a Relic to protect himself. When he creates this relic, it shields him from all of your attacks.


v rising azariel sunbringer location boss guide
Image Source – Touby__ on YouTube.
  • While he creates this relic, he can spam you with attacks. So, be cautious to maintain a distance and use the ranged abilities as well as weapons.
  • Upon destroying this Relic, you will be able to inflict damage again.

Once you have defeated him, you will get the crafting recipe for Gold Ingots and unlock the Power Surge vampire power.


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