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V Rising Keely The Frost Archer: How To Find & Beat (Boss Guide)

This boss guide has all you need to find and beat Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising.

V Rising bosses drop a lot of important resources, help you unlock new powers and provide crafting recipes for a lot of item. These items come in use in improving armor, developing better weapons, making structures and Castle improvements. Keely the Frost Archer is one such boss who drops the crafting recipe for Leather. Leather can help in upgrading your Castle Heart. So let’s check out this boss guide on how to find and beat Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising.

Where to Find Keely the Frost Archer Boss Location in V Rising


Keely Location V Rising

Keely the Frost Archer is a Level 20 V-Blood boss so we recommend you have at least Level 20 or above when you challenge her. She is usually found near the Bandit Trapper Camp in the Farbane Woods. Make sure you clear the area for small troops or animals before you approach this fight.

If you can’t find her then go to your Blood Altar and interact with it and press the Track Blood button. You will start tracking her and will be able to get trails of blood on your screen which will lead you to her.


How to Beat Keely the Frost Archer

Keely is a ranged fighter and has three notable attacks that you need to watch out for. The first one where she shoots three frost arrows at you which slows you down by freezing when connected. The second is she can go invisible for a small amount of time. Focus and you will be able to see the warping. Third is her AoE attack which rains frost in the radius of her attack.

Keely the Frost Archer Boss Fight


You can avoid her arrows by quickly moving to the left or right. You will have that split second to get out of the way when she draws her bow. For her invisibility you will have to concentrate and keep moving. Whenever she goes for the AoE attack you will notice red circles forming around her. Move out of that area and you will be fine.

The key to winning this fight is that you constantly keep moving. The combination of Melee weapon with dash and Basic Ability Aftershock and Blood Rite will work out well to defeat her.

Once she is dead she will drop the recipe for crafting Leather, building a Tannery and ice ability Frost Bat will be unlocked. That’s all you need from this boss guide on how to find and beat Keely the Frost Archer in V Rising. Make sure you check out more guides, tips and tricks on V Rising right here on Gamer Tweak.