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V Rising Wilfred the Werewolf Chief Location & How To Beat

Here is how you can find the location of Wilfred the Werewolf Chief and the best way to beat him.

Bosses in V Rising provide valuable V blood that grants you great recipes and powers. These will definitely get you to be much stronger than you were or currently are in the game. In this guide, we’ll show you the location of Wilfred the Werewolf chief, and how to beat him in V Rising.

V Rising Wilfred the Werewolf Chief Boss Guide

Location of Wilfred the Werewolf Chief & How to Beat Him in V Rising

Before you go to fight Wilfred, make sure that you have fulfilled these requirements:

Since he is a Level 64 boss, it is recommended that your Gear Level is also at 64 or higher. To buff up your gear, use the Iron Gear along with the following:

  • Iron Crossbow for long-ranged damage
  • Veil of Chaos ability to escape his attacks quickly as well as distract him
  • Ward of the Damned ability to block heavy attacks
  • Chaos Volley ability to deal long-ranged damage
  • Volatile Arachnid ability so that you can deal extra damage to the boss

Once you have all of these, here is how you can find and defeat Wilfred the Werewolf Chief

Where to Find Wilfred the Werewolf Chief (Location)

Gloomgrave Village
Map credit: Map Genie

Wilfred the Werewolf can be found in the Gloomgrave Village. This is a place located in the Northeastern part of Dunley Farmlands. If you move towards the northern part of the village, you will see the boss spawn somewhere close to a small house.

But before you get to him, you will come across a bunch of werewolves that you must defeat before him. I mean, you could always keep them for later but that would just make your fight impossible to win.

And so, it is strongly recommended that you make sure that you fight them during the day so that you can save Wilfred the Werewolf Chief for the night in V Rising

How to Beat Wilfred the Werewolf

To be honest, this is a pretty difficult boss to beat since he has a lot of HP apart from being super fast.

On top of this, you need to make sure that you don’t stretch your fight to daybreak. As soon as the sun comes up, he becomes human and you can’t collect any V blood from him.
And so, when fighting him, try your best to lure Wilfred the Werewolf into the house as it will confine him and his attacks from coming in the way. This will help shorten the battle and keep it in your favor.

Wilfred’s Skills

To keep you equipped, here are Wilfred’s skills in V Rising:

  • Invisibility for a few seconds (before he attacks from behind)
  • Ability to summon humans

While the former is easy enough to understand, you must be aware that the second is truly annoying. Having humans running around everywhere as you try to fight the boss is one thing. But having them heal him as they come in the way of your fight is another. For those of you that want to win, you will have to either attack him as he devours humans to heal himself up. Or, you can kill the humans before he can get to them and heal. The latter of the two is preferred as the fight just becomes so much easier.

Apart from these, he has the following boss attack:

Ability to buff himself up at any point in the fight with which he will do either of the following:

  • Attack you with his palms
  • Head butt you a few times

Either way, it is very painful and you will want to avoid it at all costs.

To defeat him, you need to make sure that you watch what he does, dodge, and make opportunities to attack in return. Winning rewards you handsomely with the Heart Strike Power as well as the Holy Resistance Flask recipe.

Good luck on your quest to defeat Wilfred the Werewolf Chief in V Rising. If you found this article helpful then check out this one on how to get and use prison cells in V Rising.