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How To Deal With Sun Damage In V Rising (& Heal From It)

Here's how to protect your vampire from sun damage in V Rising and how to heal from it.

As a vampire trying to survive and thrive, you can’t let your character get damaged by the sun’s scorching rays. While you must plan your outdoor movement during the night, there are a few ways to protect yourself from (and deal with) sun damage in V Rising. Let’s take a look at all of them.


How to Avoid & Deal with Sun Damage in V Rising

how to prevent sunlight damage v rising

Here are the ways to prevent your exposure to the sun and avoid getting damage while indoors or outdoors. If you do find yourself under the scorching sun, you will lose 10 points of damage every single second.


Use a Mist Brazier to Create a Shade at Base in V Rising

Having a shade is of utmost importance right from the beginning of your journey. The easiest way to block the sun’s light is to have a Mist Brazier. If your base is at the perfect location under a tree’s shade, then that’s an extra advantage.

Build a Mist Brazier in your base (after you’ve got your Castle Heart set up) and interact with it by pressing F. You can find it under Foundation and you will need 120 Stone to craft it. It requires bones to function and stay active. As you toggle it on, you will the tiles darkening up and the sunlight will vanish in the surrounding area. For a bigger room to cover, you will need multiple Mist Braziers.


Don’t forget to toggle it off when it’s night time. But during day time, you will require a steady flow of bones to keep the Mist Braziers running. It uses one Bone every minute so you don’t have to worry about constantly fueling it up.

Find Shade Outdoors

While the Mist Brazier will help you indoors, players need to look for trees or rocky areas for shade while navigating outside. For a spot of land that you might need to cross without any shade, you can simply run quickly and escape the wrath of the sun.


Build a Roof

As you progress further in the game, you will get access to a roof. Build one and put it on top of your base to protect yourself from sunlight.

How to Heal from Sun Damage?

how to avoid sun damage v rising

If you’ve taken a hit due to the sun’s rays, you can heal yourself by using Blood Mend. Players can access it by pressing the Control key and consume it to restore health from the wheel. Keep in mind that it will freeze you up while you are healing yourself, so if you are near enemies or out in the sun, it won’t be useful to you. Make sure you are under shade and away from danger while you are at it. If you move, the healing process will get cancelled.

Blood Mend will reduce your Blood Pool level, so it must be used carefully and only during crucial moments.

Keep an eye on your Blood Pool because if it drains out, you won’t be able to heal in this way any more. You will have to rely on other methods to heal yourself in V Rising. That includes eating animals like dead rats, or using a heart to restore your blood level. But if you die or eat a rat, you will get frail blood and that’s something you want to avoid. So focus on the Blood Pool and don’t let it go empty.

You can also drink the blood from friends playing with you on the same server, if they are willing to.

That’s everything about sun damage in V Rising and how to prevent it. While you are here, don’t miss out on our other V Rising guides with hidden tips and tricks that you might want to know about. And for everything else, stay with Gamer Tweak.