How To Get & Farm Bones In V Rising

Wondering how to farm and get more Bones in V Rising? Check out this article.

V Rising has a plethora of items and resources scattered all over its tremendous map. As a weakened Vampire who wakes up from his deep slumber, you will need to collect a lot of this resources. Each item holds a different value to your progress in the game. Bones are the resources that you need to farm in the beginning. They form the base to your initial weapons and armor. Let’s check out how to farm and get Bones in V Rising.

How to Get & Farm Bones in V Rising

Get Bones in V Rising

As mentioned earlier, Bones form up the initial base of your weapons and armor but it does not stop there. You will be farming for Bones later on in the game as well. As you rise from your slumber the first task that you get in a tutorial type gameplay will be to collect Bones.

Bones are relatively easy to farm and all you have to do is find a graveyard. You can travel to either Infested Graveyard or Desecrated Graveyard in the Farbane Woods and farm Bones. They are dropped when you beat animals, humans and skeletons.

Although if you are a low-level player who is struggling to finish the challenges then you can go to the tutorial graveyard area and farm from the continuously respawning skeletons in the area.

Once you have reached a higher level you can also travel to Forgotten Cemetery area in Farbane Woods and farm Bones. This area is comparatively dangerous so it would be recommended that you have reached Level 20 and above.

Craft Tomb V Rising

As you reach the Level 27 you can fight the V-Blood boss Goreswine the Ravager. Defeating him unlocks the ability to make Tombs in your own Castle. So create Tombs in your Castle and use Blood Rose to summon skeletons and seal the area so you can go to complete some other objective. Once you come back you can farm Bones from these skeletons.

That’s all you need on how to farm and get Bones in V Rising. While you are here, check out other guides, tips and tricks on V Rising with Gamer Tweak.