V Rising Soul Shards: How To Get & Use

Check out our guide on how to get and use Soul Shards in V Rising.

V Rising features a plethora of different items and materials scattered across the world of Vardoran. As a weak vampire waking from the slumber, you need several resources and buffs to take your place. Soul Shards are one of the items that offer buffs to the players when equipped. If you play on a PVE server, there are chances to get multiple Shards. But while playing PVP, you can collect only one Soul Shard. So, here’s our guide on how to get and use Soul Shards in V Rising.

How to Get Soul Shards in V Rising

  • You can get the Soul Shards by defeating the strongest V bosses. You can collect the Soul Shard after you have defeated them.
  • As mentioned earlier, you can find multiple Shards in PvE mode but PVP offers only three Soul Shards. But before you get to collect them, you need to find the three bosses.
  • For that, you need to build a structure of the Eye of Twilight. There are some prerequisites to building this structure.
  • You need to complete the main story and gather the following items:
  • Once you have all these items, head over to the Furnace to craft the Eye of Twilight.
  • You can use this structure to find the scattered Soul Shards. You need to interact with the Eye of Twilight to reveal the locations of the Soul Shards.

V Rising Soul Shards Buffs

Mentioned below are all the Soul Shards and the buffs they offer:

  • Soul Shard of Solarus: 50+ Resistance to the sun, +5% Melee attack speed, and 10+ Physical power.
  • Soul Shard of Behemoth: 50+ Resistance to Garlic and Holy power, + 5% Movement Speed, and +20% Resource gathering.
soul shards v rising
Image Source – Strange Religion on YouTube.
  • Winged Horror Soul Shard: 50+ Resistance to Fire and Silver, 10+ Spell power, and 5% Spell critical hit chances.

How to Use Soul Shards

Once you get a Soul Shard, you can use them by placing it on your Hotbar. Then, you need to place the Soul Shard on the ground to use it. As you activate it, you can use the buff of the respective Soul Shard for 2 hours.

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