V Rising Eye Of Twilight: How To Craft & Use

Here is everything you will need on how to use the Eye of Twilight in V Rising.

V Rising holds various kinds of items to be crafted, found or stolen. When you wake up at the beginning you are a weakened item and you will need a number of resources to progress. Eye of Twilight is one of the important items to be crafted later on in the game. It will open doorways for you to find unique buff items which are useful resources to possess. Let’s check out more in this guide on how to get and use the Eye of Twilight in V Rising.

How to Get & Use Eye of Twilight in V Rising

Get Eye of Twilight

Soul Shards are the buff items that can be obtained with the use of Eye of Twilight in V Rising. There are multiple Soul Shards available in the PVE mode but only three can be obtained in the PVP. To obtain them you need to find the bosses first and that is where the Eye of Twilight comes in play.

Obtaining the Soul Shards will require defeating the strongest bosses. And to find them you will have to interact with the Eye of Twilight.

If you want to craft the Eye of Twilight you need to complete the main story and gather the following items –

Spectral Dust can be collected from Banshee in the Cursed Forests. Gold Ingots can be crafted once you have the recipe by defeating the boss ‘Azariel the Sunbringer’. Once you collect the items, head over to the Furnace and craft the Eye of Twilight.

Eye of Twilight V Rising
Image Source: Strange Religion (YouTube)

It’s important to remember that the PVP mode has only three Soul Shards. Once you collect them it will be visible to other players looking for them. Make sure you and your clan have created a solid defense for potential raids. Provide the servants you charm and convert with top-tier gear and improve their levels.

That’s all you need on how to use the Eye of Twilight in V Rising, make sure you check out how to raid a castle and other V Rising guides, tips and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.