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V Rising Spectral Dust: How To Farm & Get?

Looking for Spectral Dust in V Rising? We have you covered.

In V Rising, there are a plethora of materials and resources which are useful to make weaponry, armor, and build more items. As a weakened Vampire who wakes up from a deep slumber it is important to collect many items to progress further in the game. Spectral Dust is something you come up with in the later stages of the game and is very useful to make important items. So let’s check out how to farm or craft to get Spectral Dust in V Rising.

How to Farm & Get Spectral Dust in V Rising


Spectral Dust Location V Rising

Spectral Dust can be farmed at the later stage of the game. It is used to make the Eye of Twilight and craft other magic resources. Eye of Twilight unlocks the Soul Shards which are gonna come in very handy as you come closer to the end.

There are two ways to get Spectral Dust in V Rising, farm it or craft it. Spectral Dust can be found by defeating Banshee in the Ancient Village region of the Cursed Forest. Banshee is tough creature and will put up a fight but won’t really be a match. Your level and abilities will already be very high at this stage. But since you are going to the Cursed Forest we urge you to be careful.


Foulrot the Soultaker V Rising

To craft the Spectral Dust you will need to beat the Level 62 V-Blood boss Foulrot the Soultaker. He can be found near the Ancient Village in the Cursed Forest. You can easily track him with the Blood Altar in your Castle.

Once you have the recipe you can easily craft the Spectral Dust. All it requires is –
x40 Ghost Crystal
x4 Gem Dust


Unlocking the Eye of Twilight means you can now go for the Soul Shards buff and Spectral Dust is a key piece to this lock. That’s all on how to get Spectral Dust in V Rising. While you are here, check out other guides, tips & tricks on V Rising with Gamer Tweak.