V Rising: How To Get & Use Ghost Crystal

Wondering where you can find Ghost Crystal in V Rising? Check out this guide to learn how to get it and its use.

Ghost Crystal is one of the reagents or resources in V Rising that can be quite tough to get and use when you don’t know where to look. Not only do you find them in a later part of the game, but their use is also not exactly apparent. But once you learn where to look for them things can get quite easy from there. So in this guide let us check the location of Ghost Crystal in V Rising and how to get & use them.

How to Get Ghost Crystal in V Rising

how to get and use ghost crystal in v rising
Image Credit: Game Guides Channel on YouTube

You can get Ghost Crystal in this game by finding them in various areas in Cursed Forest. To find them you should go to the areas mentioned below and you can get mine them.

  • Lurker Dwelling: There are three of these areas in this region.
    • 1st Lurker Dwelling: Located north of Cursed Forest.
    • 2nd Lurker Dwelling: Located south of Cursed Forest.
    • 3rd Lurker Dwelling: Located southeast of Cursed Forest at the extreme edge of this region.

Since you get this resource by mining it is highly recommended you carry a mace with you. Having your blood type as Worker will also give you passive benefits that will help improve your farming.

How to Use Ghost Crystal

You can use Ghost Crystal to get Spectral Dust. There are two ways of getting Spectral Dust in this game:

  • Crafting: You can craft it if you have the following resources
    • Ghost Crystal x40
    • Gem Dust x4
  • Farming: Just like Ghost Crystal you can also find this item in Cursed Forest.

That covers this guide on the location of Ghost Crystal and how to get & use it in V Rising. If you are looking for other resources then we have plenty of guides on how to get Animal Hides, Copper Ingots, Servants, Silver Ore, and more. And for help with things like boss guides and anything else check out our V Rising guides.