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V Rising: Where To Farm Animal Hides & Locations

Wondering where you can farm animal hides in V Rising? This guide has some locations that should make the process easier for you.

You should farm animal hides in V Rising as soon as you get the chance, especially in the early game. That is because using this resource you can get many useful items like plated boneguard armor set, bone castle key, and most importantly leather. But randomly roaming around can make the process of farming a bit tedious. So in this guide let us check where to find the locations to farm Animal Hides in V Rising and how to use it.

Where to Farm Animal Hides in V Rising


where to farm animal hides in v rising
Image Credit: Tyranthir on YouTube

You get animal hides when you eliminate wolves, bears, and deers. These are the best locations to farm Animal Hides in this game.

  • Wolf Den: This area is located on the southeastern side of Farbane Woods. As the name suggests you can find many wolves here that you can eliminate to get their hides.
  • Bear Cave: The second best area to farm animal hides is the Bear Cave. It is located on the extreme east side of Farbane Woods. You can find many bears here.
  • Other than the above two locations the entire region of Farbane Woods is filled with several bears. So just exploring the region should be sufficient for you to encounter many bears that you can then slay to collect their hides. Similar to bears you can also attack any wolves you encounter to get their hides.


A tip that can come in handy here is to try using spears when farming animal hides. Spears not only have an excellent range but can also deal good damage to the enemies. Not to mention having a good range will be useful if you encounter multiple foes, as it will help you maintain a distance between you and them.

How to Use Animal Hides

You can use the animal hides you farmed by converting them into leather. And to do that you need a Tannery. You need 16 animal hides to get 1 leather. I suggest you check our dedicated guide on how to make leather to learn more about it.


That covers this guide on where to farm animal hides in V Rising and their locations. Don’t forget to check our V Rising guides to get more help and information on other topics for this game.