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How To Get Gold Jewelry & Ingots In V Rising

Wondering how to improve weapons and armor by getting gold ingots in V Rising? Then check out this article.

Gold Ingot is not an easy commodity to find in V Rising. Actually you have to make it yourself using the recipe which is obtained by defeating ‘Azariel The Sunbringer’. To learn how to get Gold Jewelry and Ingots in V Rising keep reading below.

How to Get Gold Ingots in V Rising


V Rising Azariel Location

To make Gold Ingots in V Rising you need to first unlock the recipe. Pick up the trail of V-Blood boss Azariel The Sunbringer from your blood altar. You can find him inside the Brighthaven Castle. He is a Level 68 boss so it will be better if you are ready for the challenge.

Azariel has a good damage dealing ranged attack and he summons a Sphere from time to time. You can easily escape the ranged attacks but the Sphere explodes in a large radius so make sure you are clear of that radius. Keep your distance and keep hitting with magic and you shall defeat him easily.


Find Gold in V Rising

The only worry in this fight is the Holy Radiation level being too high. You don’t want to fall down in the middle of the fight so make sure you are seriously stocked up on Holy Resistance flasks. Apart from this the boss fight will be a smooth one and you will get the recipe.

Once the recipe is unlocked, loot through the towns in search of Gold Jewelry since that is what you need to make Gold Ingots. 8 Golden Jewelry and 8 Sulphur when melted in a simple furnace will give you a Gold Ingot.


How to Get Gold Jewelry in V Rising?

If you are looking to farm Gold Jewelry in V Rising then try it by using these steps –

gold jewelry location
Gold Jewelry location on Map


  • Players who are still midway in the game and do not have good weapon and armor then try fighting the V-Blood bosses in the Dunley Farmlands. The drop level is low but you might get Gold Jewelry sometimes.
  • The other way is to loot the Brighthaven Square and surrounding towns in Silverlight Hills. The Palladins and the Priests with their army may drop Golden Jewelry once you kill them.
  • The third way is looting the chests in Brighthaven Cathedral. It will require you to battle small armies and use the Holy Resistance Potion.

We recommend you are somewhere near Level 70 for the last two methods.

The Gold Ingot will come handy in improving armor defense and increasing weapon damage. That is how you get Gold Ingots in V Rising, you can also check out how to make glass, how to get copper ore and copper ingots and other V Rising guides, tips and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.