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Elden Ring Hidden Bosses

Here's our guide on the missable and hidden main bosses in Elden Ring.

As Elden Ring features one of the most extensive and massive open-worlds, some bosses are bound to be missed. Some bosses are hidden deep inside the mystical corners of Lands Between. While some bosses are bound to be missed. We have compiled a list of such main bosses in this guide. So, here’s our guide on all the hidden bosses in Elden Ring.

Disclaimer: These are all the Main bosses that you need to defeat to proceed through Elden Ring. While the below list also includes optional bosses, you need to defeat them to complete different questline. Also, this guide contains heavy spoilers.


All Hidden Bosses in Elden Ring

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Mentioned below are all the main hidden bosses that can be missed:


Astel Natural Born of The Void

You can find this legend-type boss at the Grand Cloister. You can reach the location by traveling through the Lake of Rot. While it is an optional boss, you need to defeat him to complete Ranni, the Witch’s questline.

Lichdragon Fortissax


You can find the Lichdragon Fortissax at the Deeprot Depths. While defeating this boss is optional, you need to defeat it to complete Fia’s questline. Defeating this legendary dragon also unlocks the Age of Duskborn ending.

Rykard Lord of Blasphemy

You can find the Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy at the Volcano Manor. Although he is an optional boss, you need to defeat him to unlock the route to Lyndell. If you are unable to defeat Rykard, defeating the other two shard bearers will work too. Alternatively, you can defeat Godrick the Grafted and Starscourge Radahn to unlock the path.


Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing

Do you remember Sir Gideon from the Roundtable Hold? Be ready to fight him as you progress through the game. While we leave out the details, he is a Great Enemy type boss that uses sorcery as well as incantations. Make sure to pick the best Magic spells or upgrade them to defeat him. Sir Gideon Ofnir, the All-Knowing is not an optional boss and you need to defeat it to advance through the game.

Regal Ancestor Spirit

While this boss looks similar to a spirit summon, it is an enormous legendary boss. You can find it in an arena of the upper hills of Nokron, the Eternal City. As it is an optional boss, you don’t need to defeat it to progress through the game. Most of the players ignore and miss defeating this boss. Once you have defeated it, you will get 2400 Runes and a Remembrance of the Regal Ancestor Spirit. You can trade this remembrance at the Roundtable Hold for a Winged Greathorn or Ancestor’s Spirit horn.

Speaking of optional bosses, you don’t need to defeat them to complete Elden Ring. But, defeating them can reward you with several items, Runes, and Remembrances. So, make sure to explore them as well.

Elden Ring Optional Hidden Bosses

Mentioned below are some of the optional hidden bosses that can be missed:

We will update this article if we discover more hidden bosses that are missable.

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