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Elden Ring Lich Dragon Fortissax Location

Here's our guide on the location of Lich Dragon Fortissax in Elden Ring.

As Elden Ring’s developers have collaborated with George RR Martin on the world-building, you can indefinitely expect several fire-spewing Dragons. These Dragons are scattered across different locations and hidden areas of Lands Between. Lich Dragon Fortissax is one of the Dragons that can only be unlocked upon completing a quest. It is a legendary type of boss Dragon that has several lightning attacks up its sleeve. So, here’s our guide on how to get to Lich Dragon Fortissax in Elden Ring.


Elden Ring Lich Dragon Fortissax Location

You can find Lich Dragon Fortissax at the Deeproot Depths. But it won’t spawn there right away, you will have to complete a quest for Fia, the Deathbed companion, and unlock a specific ending within. Mentioned below are all the steps to get to the Lich Dragon Foritssax location.

  • You can begin with Fia’s questline after interacting with her at the Roundtable Hold.
  • Head over to the Deeproot Depths to unlock a second meet with Fia.
  • Before you reach Deeproot Depths, make sure you have the Cursemark of Death. You can find it near a corpse at the top of the Divine Tower of Liurnia.
  • You can reach Deeproot Depths through a hidden tunnel at the boss room of Mohg or defeat the Valiant Gargoyle in Siofra Aqueduct.
elden ring lich dragon fortissax
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  • As you reach there, defeat Fia’s champions to talk to her.
  • Once you have defeated her champions, you can rest at the Grace of Site over there to save your location.
  • Then, talk to her and select the “No, I want to be held” option.
  • After that, select the Talk in secret option.
  • Give her the Cursemark of Death to receive the Radiant Baldachin’s Blessing.

elden ring lich dragon fortissax location

  • Exhaust all her conversations until she says This is Goodbye.
  • As you exhaust all of her conversations, rest at the site of Grace and check if she’s asleep.
  • Once she’s asleep, Interact with Fia and Select Yes to Enter the Deathbed Dream.
  • Then, you will teleport to the Lich Dragon Fortissax’s location within the dream of Fia.
  • With this legendary boss, you can summon spirits or your friends to take it down.


  • Upon its defeat, it will drop over 90,000 Runes and a Remembrance of Lichdragon.
  • You can use or duplicate the Remembrance to get Fortissax’s Lightning spear or the Death Lightening incantation.

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