Elden Ring – How To Get To Consecrated Snowfield? (Location)

Here's our guide on how to get to the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring.

As there are not any quest markers to track places, players have to explore new places all by themselves in Elden Ring. This expands the scope to explore different hidden regions and unlock new areas. Consecrated Snowfield is a location with a Waygate through which you can teleport to a new region. While it is a hidden region, you need to follow through with some steps to unlock it. So, here’s our guide that explains how to get to the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring.

How to Get to Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring?

  • To unlock this location, you have to obtain both the pieces of Haligtree Secret Medallions.
  • As these two medallions are in different locations, one is the left Haligtree secret medallion while the other is the right Haligtree secret medallion.

How to Get the Left Haligtree Secret Medallion?

  • The left Haligtree secret medallion is located at the top of Castle Sol.
  • You can reach here by crossing a northern bridge.
  • You can choose to traverse from the Minor Erdtree or the Stargazer’s Ruins in the mountaintops.
  • Minor Erdtree is to the east of the Mountaintops while the Stargazer’s Ruins are in the center of the Mountaintops.
  • Castle Sol is located in the Mountaintops in the northeast direction.
  • Once you reach there, you will encounter Commander Niall who is one of the most annoying bosses of all time. Check out our guide on how to beat Commander Niall to defeat him.
elden ring how to get to consecrated snowfield
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  • You can find the left Haligtree Secret Medallion at the top of the Castle Sol.

How to Get the Right Haligtree Secret Medallion?

  • If you have unlocked the Village of Albinaurics, fast travel to that area.
  • As you reach there travel towards the west of the Liurnia of Lakes into the caves.
  • When you reach the Caves, you will notice a Pot.
  • Upon hitting the pot, he will reveal his true form.

elden ring consecrated snowfield

  • He is Albus, an Albinauric who will give you the right Haligtree Secret medallion upon talking.

How to Unlock the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring?

  • Now as you acquired both the pieces of Medallions, go to the Grand lift of Rold to unlock the Consecrated Snowfield.
  • To reach this location, head east of the Leyndall through the Forbidden Lands.
  • Once you have arrived at the location, climb the stairs to hoist the secret medallion.

elden ring consecrated snowfield

  • If it prompts you to “hoist the medallion”, switch the action to the “secret medallion option“.
  • As hoisting the secret medallion will unlock the Consecrated Snowfield while the other will unlock the Mountaintops of the Giants.
  • After you hoist the secret medallion, get inside the building.
  • As you proceed, you will encounter different enemies. Defeat or avoid fighting them to climb your way up at a Site of Grace.
  • Head straight and climb the stairs to reach the Consecrated Snowfield.

That’s all on how to get to the Consecrated Snowfield in Elden Ring. If you liked this guide, make sure to check our other guides on how to double-jump, how to prevent fall damage, and where to get Royal Knight’s resolve in Elden Ring right here on Gamer Tweak.