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Elden Ring – Where To Get Royal Knights Resolve?

Here's our guide on where to get the Royal Knight's resolve in Elden Ring.

There’s a plethora of weapon skills and incantations that can be used to damage your opponents in Elden Ring. Out of all weapon skills, the Royal Knight’s resolve can add double sorcery to your weapons. It is a weapon skill that boosts your attacks and combines the skills of all knights who served into one resolve. This can be applied to all of the melee armaments and is well suited for long-ranged attacks. While you cannot purchase it from a merchant or a vendor, you can get through some efforts of finding it. So, here’s our guide on where to get the Royal Knights Resolve in Elden Ring.

Where to Get the Royal Knights Resolve in Elden Ring?

  • To get Royal Knights Resolve, you need to traverse through the Volcano Manor with some help from Abductor Virgins. If you don’t know how to, check out our guide on how to reach the Volcano Manor.
  • As you reach the Volcano Manor, head straight where you will notice a cliff. Now, this is a part where you need to take a leap of faith and dive down from there.
  • Make sure that you do not land on the lava but a small area of land.
  • Now go straight until you see some stairs guiding your way upwards.
  • Take an elevator and upon exiting the elevator, you will notice a mini-boss on stairs. You can defeat him by using some incantation skills.
  • Then, climb the stairs and reach the Church, where you will encounter the Godskin Noble.
elden ring royal knights resolve godskin noble
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  • You can use frost and bleeding attacks upon him as he is susceptible to them.
  • After you defeat this boss, pull the lever that will take you upwards.
  • You can rest and save your location at the Temple of Eiglay, the site of Grace.
  • Then, take a left and drop down the land rather than lava.
  • As you go ahead you will encounter some lava-infused snails. This is a sign that you are going in the right direction.

elden ring get royal knights resolve

  • You can get a Furlcalling Finger remedy over there.
  • After collecting it, leap to the left of the land and head to the left of the direction.
  • You will come across a window that will guide you to a room.
  • Once you are inside, open the door and take the stairs to head inside.
  • Head straight and open the door of the building.

royal knights resolve elden ring

  • As you open the door, you can collect the Man Serpent ashes to the opposite of the door you opened.
  • Take the stairs and head to the upper floor where you will encounter a Fog door.
  • Use a Stonesword key to open the door.
  • Now as you head inside, take a left where you will see several hanging cages. Drop on these cages until you finally reach the ground.
  • Then, go through the door and climb some stairs.
  • Pillage the remains by the small fireplace to acquire the Royal Knight’s resolve.

That’s all on where to get the Royal Knights resolve in Elden Ring. If you liked this guide, make sure to check our other guides on how to get the Azur Armor, where to get the poison mist, and how to get and use dragon Breath in Elden ring right here on Gamer Tweak.