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Elden Ring Fall Damage: How To Prevent & How It Works

Don't want to die by Fall Damage in Elden Ring? This guide will help you with the things you should know about Fall damage.

Fall Damage isn’t as serious in Elden Ring as it was in Dark Souls. One of the best features about Fall Damage for this game is many a time you will only lose Stamina for some large falls. But the problem is the height. For some jumps, you will lose nothing, for some jumps you will lose stamina, for some health, and sometimes straight-up die. So in this guide let us check how to prevent Fall Damage in Elden Ring and see how it works.

How to Prevent Fall Damage in Elden Ring

elden ring prevent fall damage

As explained above, Fall Damage works by either doing nothing, reducing your HP, Stamina, or killing you. The effect depends on how high or deep the fall is. In order for the game to determine how much damage to deal you. There are two ways to prevent fall damage in Elden Ring.

  • Drop Rainbow stones: This is an item that you can very easily overlook. On paper, it apparently doesn’t have any use, but when you read its description you will learn its actual use. You can use it to determine how fatal the fall will be. As per the game’s description of the item. The higher the pitch of the stone the more damage you will take upon fall. So in such a case simply be sure to heal yourself up before making such a jump. Drop a rainbow stone and if it glows then you will survive the fall. And of course, if the stone breaks upon falling then you will die as well if you choose to make the jump. In order to use it.
    1. Open your inventory.
    2. Under the Tools tab, look for Rainbow stones.
    3. Click on it and select use. Be sure to be near a cliff where you wish to test the drop.
    4. You will see your character drop a rainbow stone.
    5. You can craft a rainbow stone by using a ruin fragment. All you need is the crafting kit in order to make this item yourself.
  • Equip Longtail Cat Talisman: This is not really recommended but you can use it if you absolutely must. As per the game’s description “Renders the wearer immune to fall damage.”. It will negate all of the fall damage but the catch is you can still fall to your death if the jump is too high. So it is a game of chance if you feel the fall won’t kill you you can jump. The outcome will be either of the two either you will die, or fall harmless.

Also, your steed Torrent won’t be of much help in falls either. Because if a fall is fatal then even the double jump won’t save you.

That covers everything you should know about Fall damage in Elden Ring and how it works. Be sure to check our other Elden Ring Guides to get help with other topics in this game.