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Nioh 2 Wiki – Tips & Tricks, How To, Boss Fight Walkthrough and More

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Back in the world of Monsters and warrior, Nioh 2 is a mesmerizing journey you cannot forget. Here is everything about Nioh 2. In this Nioh 2 Wiki guide, you can get the latest updates on the game. Check out our tips and tricks, unlocks, boss fight walkthrough and a lot more. If you are playing this game for the first time, then here is some important information on the game. Nioh 2 is a prequel to Nioh 1, Team Ninja’s popular action RPG game released first in 2017. Nioh 2 features revamped mechanics and fan-favorite elements of Nioh giving users a chance to focus a lot on the character build. Living like a samurai, in Nioh 2 you are a warrior with some special powers, addressing the chaotic environment with chivalry and magic. If you are playing the game and looking for more tips on Nioh 2 then keep checking our Nioh 2 Wiki guide.


Nioh 2 Wiki Walkthrough Guide

Nioh 2 Wiki guide is divided into multiple sections, based on different tips which include important things you must know before you play the game. You can have info on major bosses and how to defeat bosses in Nioh 2. Also, we will keep updating the Wiki with more tips and tricks that will help you to unlock something new in the game.

Nioh 2 Beginners Tips:

  1. Best Weapon tips –  Do you want to know which is the best weapon to start in Nioh 2, then here is an tip.

Nioh 2 All Bosses Fight Walkthrough:

  1. How To Defeat Shisenin Kosen –  Shisenin Kosen is like a pro ninja guru in Nioh 2, defeating him will be not easy.
  2. How To Defeat Mumyo – Mumyo holds a spear, is slow but very strong. Read our guide to find how to defeat Mumyo boss in Nioh 2.
  3. How To Defeat Sakata Kintoki –  Sakata will remind you of Bloodborne or Darksouls type monster, click the link to learn how to defeat Sakata Kintoki in Nioh 2.
  4. How To Defeat Hattori Hanzo –  The fast and the furious boss will not give you time to stand, check our Nioh 2 how to defeat Hattori Hanzo guide on how to beat this one.
  5. How To Defeat Tatarimokke – Here you will learn how to defeat the owl boss in Nioh 2, a very strong one where you will stuck forever.

Nioh 2 All How To Guides:

  1. How To Farm Elixirs –  Consumables are very important in Nioh 2, offering you to restore health stamina instantly. Check our Nioh 2 guide on where to find more consumables in the game.
  2. How To Earn Prestige – Understanding Prestige Points in Nioh 2 isn’t as straightforward as you think it will be, there are two main categories in which Prestige Points are divided and they’re Ungyo and Agyo. Refer the guide on how to earn Prestige points in Nioh 2.
  3. How To Change Hairstyle And Beard – Make your character look unique in Nioh 2 by customization its beard and hairstyle.
  4. How To Use Ki Pulse – Ki Pulse is a cheat to restore full health instantly in Nioh 2. Learn how to use this.
  5. How To Increase Stamina Bar – Stamina is required to anything in Nioh 2, and if you have more you can fight more. Learn how to get more stamina in Nioh 2.
  6. How To Backstab In Nioh 2 – Want to know how to stealth kill in Nioh 2, then check our guides on how to backstab in the game.
  7. How To Use Yokai Abilities – Turn into the powerful god by using Yokai abilities, you cannot miss this and it is pretty awesome.
  8. What To Do After Dying – Want to recover all your lost Amrita and items after dying, then check this Nioh 2 tips guide to know more.
  9. Restore Stamina – Tips on how to restore stamina you will require during combat.

Nioh 2 DLC Guides:

  1. Redeem Demon Horde Preorder DLC –  Here how you can get Demon Horder Armor set in Nioh 2.

Stay tuned for more updates on Nioh 2.